CPT Jason Ellis Holbrook 1982 - 2010 Texas - Aphganistan

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CPT Jason Ellis Holbrook 1982 - 2010 Texas - Aphganistan

CPT Jason Ellis Holbrook
28 Jan 1982
Fort Hood, Bell County, Texas, USA
29 Jul 2010 (aged 28)
Paktika, Afghanistan
Holbrook Family Cemetery
Burnet County, Texas, USA
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Services for the 28-year-old Burnet Army officer who died in Afghanistan last Thursday from a roadside attack will be held Saturday at Clements-Wilcox Funeral Home in Burnet at a time still pending.
The body of Capt. Jason Ellis Holbrook, a 2000 graduate of Burnet High School, is expected to arrive from Dover Air Force Base in Delaware sometime Friday and be taken to the funeral home.
Family and friends of Holbrook are mourning the loss of the young man they describe as a true American hero who went on to graduate from the prestigious United States Military Academy at West Point in 2004.
His father said he remembers his son's character and poise when he returned from West Point—Airborne-trained and enamored with military life.
"He loved what he was doing," said his mourning father, James P. Holbrook. "We were real proud."
Holbrook's father, himself a Vietnam veteran, said Jason was deployed to Iraq soon after his graduation and was no stranger to the hazards of war-torn countries.
"He was attacked in Iraq, too," Holbrook said. "He got his first Purple Heart there" for injuries he sustained during an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) attack in 2006.
According to an official press release from the U.S. Army Special Operations Command, Holbrook returned to the states where he attended the Special Forces Qualification Course.
Holbrook graduated the course on April 16th, 2010 and reported to 1st Battalion, 3rd Special Forces Group on May 27, 2010.
Holbrook died two months later near the town of Tsagay, Afghanistan "of wounds he sustained from an IED blast during a combat reconnaissance patrol," according to the press release.
"He had just gotten to Afghanistan," said his mother, Elaine Holbrook. "He was only there a week and a half."

Family Members

James Pierce Holbrook
Date & Place: Not specified or unknown.
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Debby Stevens
I'm a Christian, and I'm a daughter of Allan B. Holbrook, now in heaven. My married name is Debby Stevens.
My parents, Allan and Marie, were devout Christians, and had 10 children. They were both school teachers, but Mom quit teaching at public school after marriage. But both Mom and Dad home-schooled us all - starting when I was in 1st grade - that's when they came to the decision to home-school us. Dad earned an income through being an English teacher here in Traverse City, for man years. Dad started some Bible meetings that took place in the homes of friends of ours and in our own. He was the main teacher in it, and it was in a discoursing style - he would talk about spiritual things with the fathers of the families, each time, and all the children of the families would sit and listen to it all.
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