David C Ellington

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Ellington, David C. Pvt. Oct. 8.1861 Dec. 31.1861
Lexington, Ky Died Jan. 26.1862
at Camp Morton Near Bardstown, Ky

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What I Personally had on My Great Great Great Grandpa David C Ellington
Buried Bardstown Kentucky area
Died during the civil war of typhoid fever

Morgan County Kentucky marriage records list
David C. Ellington and Rutha Jones opn 18 Aug 1860 at Miles Caskey's by Caleb D. May, witnesses William H. Adams and Abraham Jones
David C. Ellington
Morgan County Kentucky
Death Morgan County Kentucky
Father John Ellington
Mother Mary "Polly" Dewitt
Marriage 18 Aug 1860, Morgan County Kentucky

Spouse Rutha E. Jones
Birth about 1846, Kentucky
Father John Jones (~1820-~1849)
Mother Mary Ann Hornback (1824-1910)
Other spouses James A. Elliott

Rutha And David Ellington's
Daughter is Mary Eliza ELLINGTON
Born June 7, 1861
Died October 15, 1941
She Married February 1, 1877
Daniel Boone Smedley
Born August 8, 1858
Died November 1, 1947
Their Daughter is
Della Jane SMEDLEY
Born March 25, 1888
Died January 2, 1984
Married December 24, 1908 Rowan County Kentucky
Jesse Eli Foster
Born February 25, 1879
Died February 12, 1964
Their Daughter is
Ruby Ellen FOSTER Harvey
Born August 13, 1913 Clearfield Rowan County Kentucky
Died February 4, 2002
Married February 9, 1928 Rowan County Kentucky
William Andy Gregory
Born June 10, 1906 Rowan County Kentucky
Died December 17, 1981
Her Son was
Lowell Winford Gregory
Born May 29, 1929 Paragon Rowan County Kentucky
Died May 9, 2001 Dayton Montgomery County Ohio
Married November 15, 1958 Dayton Montgomery County Ohio
Leona Alice MILLER
Born May 2, 1933 Dayton Montgomery County Ohio
Their Daughter is
Julia Carol GREGORY Levesque
Born March 29, 1959 Dayton Montgomery County Ohio
Married May 18, 1983 Pascagoula Jackson County Mississippi
Paul Michael Levesque
Born March 6, 1960 Fall River Bristol County Massachusetts
Date & Place: at David C Ellington in Morgan County, Kentucky United States
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David C Ellington Enlistment Date: October 8, 1861 Distinguished Service: DISTINGUISHED SERVICE Side Served: Union State Served: Kentucky Unit Numbers: 778 778 Service Record: Enlisted as a Private on 08 October 1861 Enlisted in Company B, 24th Infantry Regiment Kentucky, Died December 31 1861. Company B, 24th Infantry Regiment Kentucky, On 26 January 1862 in Camp Morton, KY Name: David C. Ellington Company: B Unit: 24 Kentucky Infantry. Rank - Induction: Sergeant Rank - Discharge: Sergeant Allegiance: Union
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[contact link] is my email if you are realted to my grandpa
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