Daytons and Mortons in front of Cabin

Updated Aug 23, 2018

A photo of Bessie Jane and her sister Harriette who lived next door to each other and visited regularly. Bessie married Dayton and "Hattie" married Morton.

Taken: at The Cabin, in Alberta-Sask Canada

People in This Photo

Bessie Jane Clarkson
Age: 16
Born: Sep 24, 1897
Arthur Fremont Dayton
Age: 23
Born: Jan 30, 1890
Harry Morton
Age: 24
Born: Jan 30, 1889
Sarah Ann Hall
Age: 54
Born: 1859
Pland, Australia
Ethyle Morton
Age: 1
Born: Apr 10, 1912
Harriette Clarkson
Age: 17
Born: Jul 21, 1896
James Dayton
Age: 1
Born: Jun 9, 1912
Charles F Dayton
Age: 57
Born: Oct 11, 1856

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