Dovie Crow and unknown relatives

The stout woman in this photo is Dovil Rebecca Crow 1889-1940.
She was the daughter of John Henry Crow and his wife Martha Jane Shell Crow. Dovil Crow was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee where she lived until the early 1900's when her father died and her mother and she moved to Lincoln, Talladega County, Alabama. Her mother later remarried to Henry Glidewell. Dovil Crow was married to Henry Marshall Moon in about 1910 and they lived together for a while before he left her and seems to have wound up in Texas later. Henry & Martha Glidewell and Dovil Crow (Moon) later moved to the cotton mill village at Pell City where they remained the rest of their lives. They are all buried at Blue Eye Cemetery at Lincoln, Talladega County, Alabama.
Date & Place: in USA
1889 - 1940
Updated Oct 25, 2017

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