Earl and Pat Lowry? about 1951

If you know these people as your parents, you are my half-brother.
You were born in Orlando, Florida in 1950 or 1951. Your parents were Pat and Earl, but I don't think I ever knew their last name. I baby sat you but at that time did not know you were my half brother. It seems like you had a sister who is not much older than you. When we moved from Orlando to Ohio in 1952, we lost track of you.

At the time you were born you lived in a development off Robinson near Bumby. The homes reminded me of an army base, but I don't know whether Earl was in the military. I think not. Earl had curly dark hair and Pat was a beautiful dark-haired woman. My brother has a picture of Pat & Earl and Dorothy & Dick Pfluge at my dad's bar, called Billy's just off Bumby. The reason I am trying to find you after all these years, is that last year we discovered that the Pfluge's carry the Lynch Syndrome which predisposes us to cancer. I discovered through a routine physical that I had cancer and had surgery November, 2010. I have been trying to find you ever since that time; but without Pat & Earl's last name, I couldn't find out anything. My sister, Margaret, and I even went to the Orlando library searching through old phone books see whether we could find anyone named Pat or Earl on those streets off Robinson near Bumby. I do know you had a phone, and not everyone did in those days.

You may wonder what this has to do with you, but you see I am looking for my half-brother who may be you. We were told by doctors to advise our children, our grandchildren, our cousins and anyone else who is a descendant of the Pfluge's that they may have inherited Lynch Syndrome. I feel that it is imperative that you contact me if you even think you may be my half brother. I don't like to put my email address out there for all to see, but please contact me at: twocains2004@yahoo.com
Date & Place: at Billy's Bar, in Orlando, Orange County, Florida USA
Unknown - Unknown
Unknown - Unknown

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