Edith, William Wallace, and Chester Steeples

Edith, William Wallace, and Chester Steeples, children of David James Steeples.
Date & Place: in Kansas USA
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Joseph Alston
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Chester Steeples was my grandfather, we called him Granddad Steeples. He was definitely the patriarch of our family and loved his family as much as we all loved him. As a child I had a standing date with him each year at the county fair, he would take me to the harness races and we would bet against each other on the winning horse. We would bet quarters on each race and though I don't ever remember winning any money from him I loved this time with him. He helped me learn to ride my own horse, Ruby, and because I was too little to lift a saddle, he bought me a pad with stirrups. I loved him so much and miss him every day of my life.
Apr 23, 2004 · Reply
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