Edward D. Lacey

Edward D. Lacey served as a representative to the Kansas State legislature in 1887. Before that he enlisted the first year of the Civil War. He was in Company A, 17th Ohio infantry, Col. J. M. Connell. His regiment was mustered in at Zanesville and was ordered into Kentucky. Its second important engagement was the one at Perryville, Kentucky, in October, 1862. Mr. Lacey was in the battle of Shiloh and in the Murfreesboro fight, where he received a wound through the right thigh in the second day's engagement. He lay in the field hospital three months and was then sent to hospital No, 7, at Nashville. Upon his recovery he was transferred to the Veteran Reserve Corps by orders of the War department. His command was the 15th regiment, Company F, and he was Clerk in the Provost Marshal's office for nearly one year. He was then transferred to Washington, D. C., and, soon after, was ordered to Chicago where he acted as drill-master till his muster out of the service September 25, 1864.
Date & Place: at Edward D. Lacey, in Allen County, Kansas USA
Jun 23, 1843 - Unknown
Updated Aug 29, 2016

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