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Updated Aug 16, 2020


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Terrick Lacey
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Terrick Lacey commented
My grandfather, Frank Lacey was the 3rd of 6 brother and a younger sister. Their father moved to South Africa from England
Father - Frank Lacey and mother Florence Mary Wilson
- Charles. Born 1909 and died in Rhodesia 1964
- Fredrick Born 1911 and died in Rhodesia 1992
- Frank Born 1914 and died in Rhodesia 1973
- Anthony Born 1922 and died in South Africa 1986
- Margrette Born in 1924. Is still living and has moved back to England
- Edgar Born 1927 and died in South Africa 1928
After the death of their mother, their father remarried Anthony Turner. She insisted the boys be sent ot an orphanage and kept the daughter.
Nov 20, 2008 · Reply
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Grace Cubbage
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Grace Cubbage commented
In 1908 My grandparents named my father after his father Arthur, at least they thought that. But found out later on in the 1940s that the doctor had named my father after himself and my uncle after the Dr's brother. My father had to have a copy of his birth certificate in order to work for Northrup Aircraft during WWII. When he sent to the state for the certificate they told him that they didnt have an Arthur Lyle Lacey born on that date to Mattie and Arthur Lacey. But they did have John Edgar Lacey listed instead. The family Doctor's name was John Edgar Hubbell. My father had to find a witness to his birth in order to change it. No easy thing! They finally found an elderly Aunt.
Later, The family called him John Edgar instead of Arthur as a family joke.
Jun 20, 2009 · Reply

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