Four Generations

Tommy Woodward shared a photo
on Jan 09, 2007 3:09 PM
This is a four generation photograph originally in the possession of descendants of Charles John Partlow (1885-1981). The estimated date is 1916 and from the detailed charts I have of the descendants of Amos Partlow (1786-1866) and Sarah Bailey we can determine who all are in the photograph. We already know the old gentleman is Moses Partlow, my great-great-grandfather. Only two children of his were married and had children old enough to be the grandchild of Moses in the photo and the son Elmer is indicated. The persons in the photo are:
Moses Ackley Partlow (1848-1926) roughly 68 when the photo was taken, Elmer Ellsworth Partlow (1868-1943) my great-grandfather, roughly 48 when the photo was taken, James Pearl Partlow (1891-1974), my granduncle, roughly 25 when the photo was taken and James' eldest daughter, Esther Partlow (1912-c.1970), my cousin roughly four when the photo was taken. Moses grew up in Meigs County, Ohio, and was captured on the Partlow farm by Morgan Raiders in 1863 and later released. He was a farmer and preacher. He married in 1867, Sarah Emeline Carsey (1850-1892) and had 11 children. After his wife's death he lived in Madison County and Franklin County and died in Obetz Junction, Franklin Co., Ohio at the age of 78.
Date & Place: in Franklin County, Ohio USA


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