Gracie Fields

A photo of Gracie Fields
Date & Place: Unknown
Jan 9, 1898 - Sep 27, 1979
Updated Nov 20, 2017

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Amanda S. Stevenson
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I was looking at a Gracie Fields movie with my mother in 1959 and when she began to sing about Christopher Robin my mother [also named Grace] burst into tears and said [erroneously] "She died during the war and I miss her so much! I was an autograph hound and read in SHOW BUSINESS MAGAZINE that Gracie Fields was staying at a hotel on 55th Street. I went there and called her on the house phone and told her I was 15 so she invited me up. I told her about the incident with my mother and she laughed and said, "I didn't die, I moved to Capri!" I asked her if I could call my mother and she LOVED the idea. I called my Mom and said, "Somebody wants to talk to you." "Gracie! This is Gracie Fields. I want you to know I'm not dead. I just moved to Capri, and I'd love to have you come visit me!" Well my mother was ecstatically happy and 12 years later she did visit her twice on Capri! I have an album of hers that has 100 songs. I also own two of her movies. I'll love Gracie Fields forever!
Nov 17, 2017 · Reply
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