Holocaust - Fanny Cogan

Updated Jan 27, 2022
Alyssa McIntosh
Alyssa McIntosh shared a photo
on May 29, 2013 4:06 PM
Fanny Cogan
Birth year: 1937
Gender: Female child
Nationality: French
Background: Jewish
Residence: Paris, France
Death: November 2, 1943
Cause: Gassed to death in Auschwitz (body cremated)
Age: 6 years
Date & Place: in Paris, Paris County, IdF France

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AncientFaces commented on Apr 12, 2018
On January 27th 1945, Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz was liberated. Today we remember this event with International Holocaust Remembrance Day. It is estimated that there were 4,500 survivors who were liberated, but many people ultimately did not survive the wounds that were inflected during their time at the camp. One who died was Fanny Cogan (1937-1942). She was living in Paris France and rounded up, murdered, and cremated at the age of 6. It's important we never forget. Alyssa is one member who has spent countless hours doing her part sharing the victims' stories and photos on AncientFaces so that they are always remembered.
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