Isaac & Mary (Jones) Maple

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Isaac & Mary (Jones) Maple
Isaac Maple (1804PA -1884IL) & Mary "Polly"(Jones) Maple (1803VA - 1872IL)
Isaac Maple and Mary Jones were married in Guernsey Co, Ohio. Removed to Hollis Township, Peoria Co, IL in 1832. The Maples founded Mapleton, Peoria County, IL.
Buried in Mapleridge Cemetary, Mapleton, IL. Isaac Maple (b. 12/12/1804Jefferson Co, OH) is the son of Wm.B. Maple and Mary "Polly" Fuller. Mary "Polly" Jones Maple (b. July 27,1803 Jefferson Co, VA) is dau. of Enoch Jones and Nancy Addy. Isaac and Mary Maple were parents of Wm. John Maple (1826-1900),John James Maple (1828-1860), Abraham J. Maple (1828-1907), Isaac Maple, Jr (twin)(1832-1850), Eliza Maple Hornbacker(Twin)(1832-1916),John (Jehu) Maple (1835-1901), Ruhamma Maple Hill (1840-1914), Albert G. Maple (1842-1886), Mary Ann Maple Marlatt (1846-1924), James J. Maple(1847-1847), Lucinda Maple Scott(1851-1923).

People in photo include: Isaac & Mary (Jones) Maple
Date & Place: at Mapleton in Mapleton, California USA
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Attended La Marsh Baptist church in Mapleton, IL.
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