Jack Wolfstone, High School, WA 1926

Jack Wolfstone was the owner and operator of Wolfstone Sales Company. He was a master liquidator and wholesaler, and orginally the business was located at 1414 Broadway on Capitol Hill across the street from the Baghdad Cafe on the corner of Pike and Broadway. Subsequently, the business was located at 1518-1st Avenue South. Later in life, he became a realtor and worked with Bill and Murray MacPherson on University Way N.E. in Seattle.

Jack was a handsome man with raven black hair and sparkling blue eyes. His closest friend among the seven brothers was Leon L. Wolfstone. Leon was the seventh son of a seventh son and, therefore, was endowed with powers of prophecy.

Jack Wolfstone was fearless ... he had the courage of a Lion, and he enjoyed proving to friends and family that he could accomplish "the impossible."

As a young boy in Milwaukee, he owned a horse and wagon and made his living selling vegetables. In Spokane, Jack owned an open-air produce business and put his cash overflow into bushell baskets. During WWII, he served in the Philippines in the United States Navy. From the beginning to the end, he had charisma; women loved him; and he was a salesman "extraordinaire!"

Jack Wolfstone was one of seven brothers and two sisters. Jack was born in Milwaukee, WI. He moved first to Spokane, WA and finally to Seattle, WA The seven brothers ranged from Hy (the oldest) to Leon (the youngest). They were Hy, Louis, Victor, David, Mike, Jack, and Leon. Also included were Ann and Irene. The seven brothers met in Leon's office (8th floor of the Central Building) monthly and repaired to the Magic Inn (7th & Union, downstairs) for a dinner to conduct the business of the Wolfstone Foundation.

Jack Wolfstone's best childhood friend was Joe Hydowitz in Spokane. He never made a bad business deal, and he always had a few thousand dollars in cash hidden in his warehouse. One of his favorite expressions was "Here's a great idea!" [phoenetically pronounced "idee"] His favorite drink was Seagram's 7, and he had a fabulous baritone laughter! He could hold his liquor, and he held court with his friends and admirers at any social gathering. An argument was never over until someone said, "Let's get Jack's opinion." He was the kind of guy that St. Peter would post at the front gates of Heaven since Jack Wolfstone would never back down from a confrontation. He was truly "the All American Boy."
Date & Place: at Central High School, in Spokane, Spokane County, Washington USA
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What a neat story about an interesting, charismatic man! Thank you SO much for sharing your story about Jack - your grandfather?
Apr 22, 2012 · Reply
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