James Moseley's only child, Elizabeth Barber Moseley.

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James Moseley's only child, Elizabeth Barber Moseley.
I named her Betty after Betty White. He put Elizabeth on her birth certificate. He called her Betty. I called her Betty.
Date & Place: Not specified or unknown.
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James Willett Moseley
I married James Willett Moseley on September 15th, 1962 in Fort Lee New Jersey. We were married by the Mayor of Fort Lee, NJ and had a party that night at the Hotel Astor. My name was Sandra Amanda Svendsen Moseley. We had a long Honeymoon. Our first stop was to visit his partner, Gray Barker in Clarksburg, West Virginia. Then we went to North Carolina to visit his Mom's former housekeeper, Mrs. Gaskill. Then we visited his old Nanny, Miss Agatha Graits who warned me that Jim Moseley was the cheapest and meanest man on Planet Earth. That proved to be true. Then we visited New Orleans where we met with Lee Harvey Oswald. (Jim had spent a lot of time going to Cuba.) Then we went to Mexico for the next five months where he wouldn't pay one dollar a day for air-conditioning. He bought a jade pre-Colombian piece in Mexico. He devoted his entire adult life to studying flying saucers but never believed in them. He spent all of his time debunking anyone who encountered UFO's. He had access to the Pentagon, [I was with him] and was given the assignment to debunk everyone who talked about UFO's. He had eleven million dollars and lost ten million dollars on the stock market making bad investments. He would humiliate waitresses and cab drivers by giving them dime tips. He pretended to be a lifelong Democrat but he was secretly a Republican. He was a dedicated atheist and on his 75th birthday he "regretted being smug" about his atheism because he lived in constant fear of death. He put his daughter [disabled because she was given LSD twice by his girlfriend's daughters] on Social Security at the age of 19, and made sure she was homeless until he died when she was 48 and he was 81. When I paid for a one bedroom apartment for her for 6 months in advance, her father told her to leave town, and she did. So she remained homeless for another 25 years. Jim's father was General George Van Horn Moseley and his mother was Florence Barber Moseley of the Barber Steamship Company. He wrote books about flying saucers and grave robbing in Peru. Jim purposely spelled my name wrong because he did not want his 7 grandchildren [who were all adopted as soon as they were born] to know anything about me. He never had a real job and never earned a living. He lived on a trust fund and old family investments. In 1964 he met the Amazing Randi, a magician, and decided he wanted to get a divorce so he could travel around the world with James Randi. [Who is now legally married to another man]. But after his divorce James Randi went to Ecuador with Jim Moseley but brought along his own teenage traveling companion and had no plans of traveling around the world with Jim Moseley. In 1965, I immediately continued my new career as a writer and within a year, I was a co-author of a child care book in hard cover and paperback with Dr. Albert Ellis and Dr. Janet L. Wolfe. Jim told everybody that I was a waitress which was never true. I have had a long career as a Handwriting Analyst [The World's Funniest Handwriting Analyst"] and later a Document Examiner and have been in Who's Who in America for over 20 years. Jim died in Key West, Florida and after having a quick funeral with no attendees, he was cremated. His only daughter received $34,000 in payment for her 29 years of loyalty to him as a homeless woman who kept her art work in the trunk of his car. His divorce agreement with me said he would put half of his money in trust for her, [about 5 and a half million dollars] but his New York accountant told him not to put any money in trust for her, so he didn't. His son made her use a lawyer of his choice and that lawyer got $110,000.
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Amanda S. Stevenson
For fifty years I have been a Document Examiner and that is how I earn my living. For over 50 years I have also been a publicist for actors, singers, writers, composers, artists, comedians, and many progressive non-profit organizations. I am a Librettist-Composer of a Broadway musical called, "Nellie Bly" and I am in the process of making small changes to it. In addition, I have written over 100 songs that would be considered "popular music" in the genre of THE AMERICAN SONGBOOK.
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