Jean-Pierre Aumont

Updated Oct 28, 2019
Amanda S. Stevenson
Amanda S. Stevenson shared a photo
on Oct 26, 2019 3:58 PM
A photo of Jean-Pierre Aumont Playbill
Here is our strange but wonderful meeting. He was in a play with Claudette Colbert and I enjoyed chatting with her afterwards. My little daughter was with me.
LATER, my dimpled daughter Betty was 18 and I was 38 and he was sitting at the counter in an 8th Avenue restaurant and I went over to him just to say how good it was to see him in person and he was very obnoxious because he thought I was a hooker ONLY because I was really good-looking but I was modestly dressed for theatre-going. So I made a very hasty retreat back to my pretty daughter. He looked over and saw the PLAYBILLS and my kid and wanted to kill himself . . . So he went over to us and apologized and asked if he could join us and that's how we ended up having dinner with Jean-Pierre Aumont.
Date & Place: Unknown
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