Jesse C Kachman

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Jesse C Kachman
The last Valentine’s Day Jesse spent on Earth. He had bought his daughter goodies for Valentine’s Day and they both took a picture with the gifts. Unfortunately they couldn’t get a picture together because there was no one to hold the camera. Kayley took this picture, I think.
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Jesse Cole Kachman
Jesse Kachman was born November 26, 1971 in Minnesota to Cynthia Kachman. His dad’s name was Arnold Block. He had an identical twin brother named Jason Kachman and a younger sister Dana Block. He was very loved in his 31 years of life. He was known to be very intelligent and a hard worker. He was an electrician planning to open a business with his brother, Jason. Jason went on without him to fulfill both of their dreams, and I think he did. Jesse was a Republican and loved his Ford F-150. His life was cut short in April 5, 2003 from a car accident. He left behind a 4 year old daughter, Victorea “Kayley” Kachman and her mother Leslie Kelly. Jesse lives on through Kayley & her daughter, Lana Salcedo. Jesse was a man to remember, even though he didn’t get the chance to make a name for himself.
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Kayley Kachman
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