John Lahiff of Kilcorny County Clare, Ireland

Updated Jun 07, 2019
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John Lahiff was a peasant Herder taking care of cattle in the Burren of County Clare most of his life. In 1873, he came to America with his mother and four young children entering through Castle Garden. He returned to Ireland minus one son who died in Providence, Rhode Island but having gained a baby daughter there as well. They returned to the Burren and continued to have children. In his late 50’s he again attempted to relocate his family to America, entering through Ellis Island in 1889. This time they remained in Newport, Rhode Island near his sisters Margaret and Honora. He lived out the remainder of his life there and died in 1919 never knowing his grandchildren would make great accomplishments as business people, Tavern owners, and even Broadway stars with one becoming the first to sing and dance in a talkie movie.
Date & Place: at Lahiff Home in Newport, Newport County, Rhode Island United States

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AncientFaces commented on Jun 07, 2019
You can see that he was a hardworking man - but he also never gave up.
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