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Lonnie Lee Adamson
Lonnie Lee Adamson, son of Elijah Monroe Adamson and Bobbie Lee Hollandsworth, was born April 03, 1887 in Dekalb County, Tennessee. He died April 23, 1945 in Dekalb County, Tennessee.
Date & Place: in USA
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I am also looking for Adamson from Dekalb County, Tennessee. I am looking for the wife of Christopher Adamson born 1865 father of Selmer Adamson. The only info I have is Clennie or Clemmie but I think these are both mispelling from the Census reports as I have found a couple of those (not critizing as that would be horrendously hard job). Thank you for any help you can offer. M. Baggett
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Alan Alsup
About me:I haven't shared any details about myself.
Michelle Baggett
Looking for information for both sides of my parents families. Interested in Dekalb, Stewart, Montgomery, Robertson Counties in Tennessee and have some descendents in Kentucky.
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