ma and pa stanton

william charles stanton, b. 1891 skullyville, ok. indian territory
Florence edna kidwell stanton, they married in 1918. had many children
Date & Place: at family farm, in hoffman, Oklahoma United States
None / Unknown


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Sherri Alston
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Melba Luttrull
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Melba Luttrull
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i was shocked when i saw this photo it looks like my grandpa William /andrew /gillihan son of Olive R Stanton and Grandson of Thomas Stanton and Polly Hindman that i have been searching for
Dec 06, 2004 · Reply
Sherri Alston
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My grandfathers people before comeing to oklahoma, were found in mo. and ga. my grandpa's dad was thomas j. stanton, and his dad was thomas b. stanton ? they have been hard for me to nail down.
Dec 08, 2004 · Reply
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