Madeline (Hill) and Richard Gifford Willis

This is a photo of my father and grandmother, Madeline F Hill Willis and her son Richard Gifford Willis. I believe the photo is from around 1925
Date & Place: Unknown
Unknown - Unknown
Unknown - Unknown
Updated May 08, 2020

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Richard Burge-Willis
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Ancient Faces
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There's something powerful about vintage photos of mothers with their children. In honor of Mother's Day this Sunday - Madeline Willis with her son Richard taken around 1925.
May 08 · Reply
Bob Gaines
Richard looks about 5 years old, so he would be around 95, if still with us.
Sue Barnett
Maybe he's listening to his mother's heartbeat and it makes him smile.
Beth Van Tilburg
I love how genuinely happy the kid looks
Marie Rowe Marquardt
love it
Helen Norvell
No one in our lives ever like our mom.
Norma Umphlet Skurzewski
Beautiful ❤️
Barbara Langel Feinblatt
Loving picture.
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