Marc William Johnson b. 1912 d. 2000 My Dad moment please
Marc William Johnson b. 1912 d. 2000 My Dad
This lovely photo is of my Dad, Marc William Johnson, b. 1912 d. 2000. This was taken when he was in his 20's I'd guess, probably circa 1930's. He earned his Masters Degree in Public Administration at University of California, Berkeley in 1939. He married my Mom in 1940, had my sister in 1942, then went into WWII as a Navy Lieutenant J.G. in 1944. He returned and I was born in 1947. Love this photo!
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Michelle Smith
Michelle Elizabeth Johnson (Mallory 1st marriage) Smith (second and last marriage). I was born on January 16, 1947 in San Rafael, California as the second daughter to Marc William Johnson and Marjorie Bull Johnson (born as Margaret Sprague). We lived in Mill Valley until moving to Lafayette, CA in 1952. Both my parents were college graduates and both my Grandmothers were college graduates. My first marriage was to my first love, Timothy Martin Mallory, when we were both teenagers. I became pregnant at 15 years old and gave birth to my first son, Timothy William Mallory in 1962. We divorced in 1963 and went our own ways. I returned to high school and after a year of night school at the same high school, I graduated with my class in 1964. I attended community college for 2 years and took many more classes from various colleges until I earned my AA degree in 1983. When I went to work as a recruiter for a university in Sacramento, CA, I also completed my Bachelor Degree in Business Management and my Masters Degree in Adult Education and Distance Learning in 2003. I owned several businesses in my earning years, two retail stores, one home business with a partner, some travel shows, and also online businesses. I volunteered on several Boards including a County Health Advisory Group, a Veteran's group, co-founded a Legislative Advocacy group for healthy workplace environments, served as President for a Statewide Mobile Homeowners group, founded local Mobile Homeowner Advocacy groups, and am a volunteer scheduler for food distribution providers in my county (current). I belonged to a gem and mineral society which led me to market jewelry at shows and online. When I turned 21 years old, I married my second (and last) husband, Steven Edward Smith (b. 1947-d. 2017). We had two children, Brien Edward Smith, born 3-28-1970 and Kristine Elizabeth Smith, born 6-19-1971. We divorced in 1979. I raised my children while owning a local, monthly newspaper which I published for 14 years. I also owned a houseplant "party" business, a vintage clothing store, and a plant and gift store. After contracting breast cancer in 2013, I was successfully treated and retired the following year. I am happy living alone in my senior mobile home park. We network together and are like an extended family. My own family includes two Grandsons, my three adult children, and my older sister. We all live separately but close to each other. And I am SO GLAD I found this website. Fun to share...! 2021
My sister is Marcia Suzanne Johnson Giuntini (first marriage) Ambrose (second and last marriage). She was born on May 10, 1942 in Eureka, California where our Grandparents Ralph Waldo Bull and Berenice Woodcock Bull lived. We both live in El Dorado County, California today. Although I am ever so grateful to be born into such a remarkable family with VERY interesting genetic and genealogy heritage, the sad part to share honestly is that my Mother, Marjorie Bull Johnson b. 1918 in Oakland, CA (as Margaret Sprague and was adopted as an infant to Ralph & Berenice Bull,) had progressive alcoholism disease. She was forced to leave her teaching career because of it. She taught 4th grade until I went into 3rd grade. Her disease progressed over the years until it took her life in 1983. My Father also drank heavily. I called him a "functioning alcoholic" because he drank alcohol regularly yet got up every day and drove a long commute to work and climbed the ladder to success. They both helped so many people. My Mom used to teach on a reservation when she lived in Eureka. Native people were treated horribly on reservations in the early 1900's and she told stories of helping the children learn to read and write. My sister and I had to depend on ourselves and each other in many ways in our early years. Alcoholism devastates families. She and I both had our own experiences with alcohol and decided early in our lives not to drink or smoke. I didn't quit smoking until I was age 33 but I did quit. Both my parents had their own experiences with smoking and drinking. My Mom lived to 65, my Dad to 88. He did get to see the new millennium so we were happy for that. My sister and I were each holding one of his hands as he passed away. I swear I saw a small smile on his lips when he passed. It was comforting to me. As for MY family, I have three loving adult children, two sons and one daughter. My oldest is Timothy William Mallory, b. 1962-living; my second Son is Brien Edward Smith b.1970-living; my Daughter Kristine Elizabeth Smith Teshima, b. 1971-living; my Grandson Jaxon Joseph Smith, b. 1995-living; and my other Grandson, Trey Marc Shogi Teshima, b. 2010-living. We have a grand family, loving and kind. Yes, we have all gone through many trials and tribulations but I now know for sure, we all do the best we are capable of. Some of us are less capable than others due to diseases and distress. We are an American Family of early immigrants to this country.
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