Mary Ellla Marks

A photo of Mary Ellla Marks. Known by my family as Aunt Mame and was married William Fitzgerald Kuhnley. Behind the groom on the back of the photo it written "Althouse".
Date & Place: in Reading, Berks County, Pennsylvania United States
Unknown - Unknown
Updated Apr 06, 2018

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Ancient Faces
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What a wonderful old PA wedding photo! The photographer had an artistic eye - the setting, the posing of the subjects . . .
Apr 06, 2018 · Reply
Cathy Nelson Fort
Double wedding?
Apr 07, 2018 · Reply
Antonia Spagnoletti
I see a wooden plank near the groom's foot, maybe it's a support ??? the confident husband who is alive ???
Apr 07, 2018 · Reply
Clair Held
Gosto de fotos antigas.
Apr 07, 2018 · Reply
Susan Jacobsen
Those gentlemen are definitely brothers..
Apr 06, 2018 · Reply
Chris Matthews
And the ladies are related as well.
Apr 06, 2018 ·
Becky Kelly
Love these old picture's.
Apr 06, 2018 · Reply
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