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Mrs. Larson (possible maiden name Olson). I do not know her first name. This is a tin type of my great, great, great grandmother (my mother's father's mother's father's mother), presumed to be from the mid 1800s. She was a Norwegian immigrant who settled and built a farm near Clay Center, Kansas, where her family stayed for generations, until her great, grandson (my grandfather) sold the farm. Her son Lars Larson, married Grundhilda (I think her maiden name was Olson, as family lore says that Olsons married Larsons and visa versa for generations) and they had 5 children; Maggy, Mabel, (one of whom married James Affleck - spelled like Ben, the actor - I've always wondered if we were related; haha) and two sons, and Anna (my great grandmother). Anna Larson married an Olson (I don't know his first name) and had a son George Olson, born in 1898 who married Bessie (Mendel), who had 5 children: the youngest is my mother, Beth born in 1934, and I was born in 1959.
in Clay Center, Clay County, KS United States


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