My Father Ray age 8

Ray was born in Louisville,Ky in 1897 the son of Bruce Harmon and Gertrude Markwell.
Date & Place:
None / Unknown


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Patricia Harmon
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Gladys Gardner
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Gladys Gardner
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Hi, NIce picture. Are any of your Harmons from West Virginia? My Harmons are from Wayne County . Gladys [contact link]. 1762 in Virginia, married Elizabeth Folsom. Also searching for Jarrell, Nelson, Dixon/Dickson,
Jan 28, 2004 · Reply
Patricia Harmon
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Our Harmon's came from PA.They settled in Hillsboro,Ky. Ray's father lived in Morehead,Ky. Ray moved toDetroit. The only connection we have with W. Virginia is that Ray's son is buried in the Military Cemetery in Grafton.
Pat Harmon.
Jan 29, 2004 · Reply
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