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Do you know who the 1 unidentified man is?
Could be a Thomas, Shelton, or Stagner maybe?

Can you name any of the unidentified?
Date & Place: at Big Rock in Stewart, Tennessee USA
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Where was this taken? My Ellises were from Cornwall, England.
my family is from van buren co tn write me at [contact link]
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Pamela Siemsen
About me:I haven't shared any details about myself.
Elizabeth Burger
Retired teacher, Charleston, WV. Past president, WVNOW. Christopher, Rightenour, Treverrow, Lingenfelter, Burger, Behner, Dreisbach.
Lonnie Mcclelland
helping out in the jett family tree,pics wanted
Lori Russell
My mother is Pamela Thompson. My dad is Richard William Russell.
My mom grew up in Fenwick Michigan. My dad grew up in Hart Michigan. They had 2 kids together. Living in Michigan.
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