Stephen Otis West

This is a photo of Stephen Otis West added by Kathy David on May 3, 2010.
Date & Place: in USA
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Kathy David
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June Phillips
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I have a couple of Stephen West's in my tree. The first Stephen West was born 1706 in Houghton,Buckinghamshire, England, died 1792 in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland. The second Stephen West is his son born 1727 in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland, died 1790. They may be ancestors to your Stephen born 1818.
May 21, 2010 · Reply
Kathy David
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Stephen Otis West b. 21 may 1818 m. Rachel F. b. 1819. Father of Marshall Otis West. Son of Stephen Strong West b. 24 Sep 1784 and Lucinda Humeston b. Abt. 1782
May 04, 2010 · Reply
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