Steven Morgan and Heather Auler

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A photo of Steven C Morgan and Heather Mechelle Auler. This is my current boyfriend Steven Christopher Morgan he was born in Kennett Missouri in June of 1978. He's about the sweetest person I ever meet in my life. He doesn't talk alot around my family but, when he gets off into a group his own age and starts to get to know everyone he's funny. He's smart and understands some scientific concepts I don't even fully understand and when it comes to history, science, religions and there history, and politics. I can talk a mad enough game sometimes that I surprise people heck even myself at times. It took me a long time to.learn that I had an enlightened view on the world and so does Steven. Hes a very unique individual to say the least and I am happier with him and more comfortable with him than I have been with anybody (exception Patty and a few other long term friends) since I was in High School.


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Heather Mechelle (Chailland) Auler
Born: Apr 8, 1983
Senath, MO, United States
Michael James Brinkley
Born: September 2008
Robert Scot Auler
Born: March 2004
Alexis Christonya Auler
Born: August 2001
Deanna Renne (Brown) Chailland
Born: September 1991
Justin Ryan Chailland
Born: April 1991
Jordan Kyle Chailland
Born: March 1989
Bryan Scot Chailland
Born: August 1985
Emile Scot Chailland
Born: October 1960
Senath, MO, United States
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