Takakjian Family of Armenia

Angela Harlan
Angela Harlan shared a photo
on Mar 14, 2009 1:08 PM
This is a photo taken in Armenia of the Takakjian family and the boy on left bottom is holding a blank page said to symbolize Mesrob Takakjian missing from the family.
the names in this photo are not identified. Mesrob Takakjian b. July 15, 1894 in Armenia came to Philadelphia Port 1912 then to Providence Rhode Island before settling in Fresno, CA. According to the census records he was born in Armenia. According to his WWI draft card he was born Turkey draft registered Providence RI. His brother Sarkis Takakjian b. July 7 1903 came to Philadelphia Port in 1924.
Pnoto from Sarkis Takakjian collection via his d-i-l Edna Pearson Takakjian.

Can anyone identify this family?
Date & Place: at Armenia or Turkey in Armenia or Turkey, USA

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