The Wedding Picture of Annette Coon and Clarence Pluckhan, 1927

Annette "Nettie" Coon, born 3 Sep 1904, in Colorado, was the daughter of Arlie C. and Lelia (Murray) Coon. After both her parents died when she was a child, she and her sister Marie were raised at first by their grandparents, James Ellison and Elizabeth Melissa (Carl) Murray in Idaho. When she was seven, her grandfather took her to live with George and Alice (Coon) Jess in Randolph, Wisconsin, Alice being her paternal aunt. In 1927, Annette married Clarence Pluckhan. They raised their five children in Juneau, Wisconsin, where she was later buried. I want to thank Kristin Smith ([contact link]) for this picture.
Date & Place: in USA
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