Thomas Rogalski at Pearl Harbor

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Thomas Rogalski at Pearl Harbor
This is a photo of my grandpa, Thomas Rogalski, while stationed at Pearl Harbor during World War II. So much swagger!
Date & Place: at Pearl Harbor in Honolulu County, Hawaii United States
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I knew this man in his 60’s…it’s always fun to see what the person was like in their early years. Thomas Rogalski showing his swagger at Pearl Harbor during World War 2.
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He looks so young !
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Thomas Rogalski
Thomas Leon Rogalski was born on November 6, 1925 in San Francisco, California, USA. His mother was Fanny Makower (1903-1958). On October 1, 1949 he married Theresa M Vizcaino in San Francisco. Thomas was 23 at the time, and his bride was 22. The couple had multiple children together.
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