Unit VI School Class, Arizona

Mrs. Stitt's Unit VI School Class 1967-1968: I remember some of the names: L-R Top-Bottom: 2nd from left is Arthur; third from right is Jana Allison, then Vicky Johnson, then Mrs Stitt. 2nd row I recognize Theresa Campbell? as being the first girl from left. 3rd row: Rodney Mills is 4th from left. Augusta Simpson is 2nd from right and Lori Petroff is the last pic. 4th row: Benny Abeyta is 2nd pic from left. I think #4 is Mark Cross. The dark haired girl with the white collar is Pam ? I'm in the 5th row bottom 2nd pic from right and Jennifer ? is the last pic.

Taken: at Unit VI School, in Glendale, Maricopa County, Arizona United States

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