Unknown man possibly from Georgia

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Unknown man possibly from Georgia
This photo was in with a collection of photos that were possibly Rossie L. Barnett Benton's photos. Rossie was the daughter of Laura Josephine Miller and Robert Love Barnett and granddaughter of James Shine Miller and Eliza Smith Saxon. Rossie married Lurner O. Benton and had two children - Lurner O. Benton, Jr. and Rosalind Benton.

Do you recognize this man? Do you know any of the families listed in the message?
Date & Place: Not specified or unknown.
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I believe this is Isaac Newton Miller (Capt. John), but I'm not positive. My pics show with a beard and a bit older.
Hi Lindsey,

Are you related to the Millers? I descend from James Shine Miller and his first wife Elizabeth Oliver through their daughter Mary Elizabeth Miller Harden Barksdale. Please write me at [contact link].


Renee Adams Werth
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Renee Werth
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Maren Schouw
I am continuing/assisting with research on my family (mother's side) surnames: Lindsey, Miller, Williams, Haley, Snell, Keene, Baird (to name a few). My mother has written a book on the life of my g g grandfather S.T. Lindsey, and has now gotten me hooked. She is a wealth of information. (father's side: Schouw, Show, Shou, Skov, Dobbs aka: Dobberstein)
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