Unknown Noakes, Wilcox, Starr

This is a photo of Unknown Noakes, Wilcox, Starr added by David Starr on January 1, 2001.
Date & Place: in Red Oak, Iowa USA
None / Unknown

Updated Jul 14, 2020

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David Starr
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Dana Novak
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The person who owns this photo found it in a family album with no identification. The surname could be Noakes, Wilcox, or Starr from Red Oak Iowa. We haven't seen one quite like it - do you think it's a fancy memorial photo?
Jul 14 · Reply
Sharon Burns
Yeah I think the scroll and flowers suggest memorial.
It did to me! :)
Sharon Burns
[external link] is free and has a lot of the same info Ancestry does, and often it's possible to search death certificates up to 1915 or so, if they want to try to narrow it down to a specific family member who died, say, 1890-1915 (hard to date photos of men)
Jill Johnson
Scrolling usually referenced loss.
Dweeze Elkind
Wonderful photo.
Jennifer Drake
Most definitely a memorial. Rare
Zanny Qz
I agree probably memorial, but might be graduation.
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