Warren Eastman Robinson

A photo of Warren Eastman Robinson. He entered Bowdoin a boy just passed sixteen, the youngest of his class. Beneath the charm of his boyishness there underlay maturity of purpose and stability of character. These innate qualities of manliness joined to a singular good humor, a rare capacity for friendship, a quick intelligence, and a discriminating intellect made him at once a leader in our undergraduate life. He graduated summa cum laude and embarked immediately on what he designed for his life career, the work of a teacher of science and mathematics. But "the end men look for cometh not, and a path there is where no man thought." Lieut. Robinson first went into the front line with his unit in the Chemin des Dames sector early in February. 1918, and remained with them until the spring. He was in the thick of the July fighting in the Pas Fini sector Northwest of Chateau Thierry that saved Paris and crushed the last German offensive of the war. Here he was cited in divisional orders for bravery. Then in September began the forty days of the St. Mihiel fighting and after ten days rest he was with his unit in the line again, this time in the Neptune sector, north of Verdun, and East of the Meuse. The glorious dawn of victory was breaking over those shattered trenches. On November 5th, he was chosen to conduct a difficult piece of reconnaissance in the German lines. Though grievously wounded in the enemy's wire entanglements, he succeeded in leading his men back to their own lines. On the next day, he succumbed to his wounds and died. The deed of gallantry that cost him his life won him a recommendation for the Distinguished Service Cross. Source: Bowdoin Orient (24 June 1920)
Date & Place: Unknown
May 7, 1890 - Nov 6, 1918

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