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On August 25, 1882 a brave pioneer from Spain and patriarch of his family of 4 boys and 4 girls was murdered in a plot to take over his valuable ranch land. Don Gavino had come to California with his wife before it became a state and homesteaded a ranch near San Diego. His son in law, Charles Ellis,held an adjacent property with his wife Ysidora who gave the area its name. "Descanso".

Gavino was ambushed by Andronico Lopez, 21 years old within a mile south of where the murder occurred and Gavino now lies at rest in the historic Ellis Ranch Cemetery. A second stone is placed beneath his headstone there and details the murder and murderer. Andronico Lopez was caught and went to jail at San Quentin Prison in Marin County, CA for his crime. He later died there. Ironically, Gavino's daughter Domitilla married a man who would be a future prison guard there, Elam Orson Kincaid, and gave birth to my great grandmother, great uncles and aunts there at San Quentin Village. -- Colleen Standley
Jul 07, 2008 · Reply
My Great, Great, Great Grandfather was Don Gavino Aguilar. Two of his four beloved daughters was Domitilla (My GGGrandmother) and her sister Ysadora. While Domitilla took to a fine career soldier name Elam Kincaid and moved away, Ysadora stayed and married a Norwegian ex-sea captain who came to the mountains near San Diego in 1865 to make a life after jumping ship. He intended to remain in this country at any cost and changed his name to Charles Ellis. He and Ysadora married and went to Coyote Wells (now Ocotillo Wells) for a while, where he managed a stage station. However the couple soon decided to back to the Aguilar Family area and returned to the mountains and the oaks of Descanso. In about 1880, they started a ranch that straddled the Sweetwater River for 160 acres as well as a 44 acre timber claim. They built a house mile north of the Aguilar Rancho and started their own faily of 4 boys and 4 girls. The Ellis Wayside Vista Point on Interstate 8 is officially named for the family in honor of their many contributions through the generations, many of which continue today. Included among these contributions is the remarkable and historic Ellis Ranch Cemetery where family is proudly interred to this day in this little gathering place of peace, pride and tradition. Charles and Ysadora are buried there with many other family members.
Jul 07, 2008 · Reply