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Badger Last Name History & Origin

Updated Sep 13, 2017


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Early Badgers

These are the earliest records we have of the Badger family.

1610 - Jul 17, 1647
1777 - Jun 12, 1844
1823 - 1865
1825 - May 26, 1863
1826 - 1890
1828 - 1913
1843 - 1920
1849 - 1936

Badger Family Tree

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Most Common First Names

Sample of 20 Badger Biographies

Apr 5, 1827 - Unknown
Jun 26, 1926 - Feb 20, 1990
May 17, 1911 - Oct 15, 2000
Jul 2, 1926 - Apr 12, 2009
May 24, 1908 - May 1971
Jan 20, 1947 - Apr 6, 2007
Mar 22, 1912 - Jun 21, 1995
Sep 18, 1908 - Feb 3, 2003
Sep 20, 1929 - Jan 8, 2009
Aug 5, 1936 - Sep 2, 2005
Aug 11, 1928 - Jul 18, 2004
Oct 3, 1887 - April 1982
Nov 18, 1919 - Jul 26, 2006
Dec 10, 1912 - Jan 30, 2002
Aug 29, 1907 - Sep 10, 1998
c. 1956 - Unknown
c. 1955 - Unknown
Unknown - Unknown
Unknown - Unknown
c. 1917 - Unknown

Badger Death Records & Life Expectancy

The average age of a Badger family member is 71.1 years old according to our database of 3,194 people with the last name Badger that have a birth and death date listed.

Life Expectancy

71.1 years

Oldest Badgers

These are the longest-lived members of the Badger family on AncientFaces.

Apr 17, 1862 - October 1977
115 years
Feb 19, 1884 - Jan 28, 1989
104 years
Apr 28, 1895 - Feb 16, 2000
104 years
Dec 29, 1892 - April 1996
103 years
Jan 23, 1896 - Mar 17, 1998
102 years
Mar 31, 1906 - Jul 18, 2008
102 years
Apr 17, 1898 - Dec 11, 1999
101 years
Apr 14, 1902 - Feb 17, 2004
101 years
Nov 28, 1886 - February 1986
99 years
Mar 11, 1886 - March 1986
99 years

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My grandmother, Blanche Unis Hewlett Badger, was born on June 30, 1904. She had many brothers and sisters. Her father was not a nice man. There were few hugs or expression of love in her family and He certainly did not believe in sending his girls to school after the 8th grade. Her father John A. Hewlett was a drinker, and was very active in the KKK. They lived in N.Y.C. where he joined the KKK in marches. Apparently he was very active. When Blanche met Charles Badger, she was just 15 years old. Her father did not approve of him because he was catholic. Just before she turned 17, Charles and Blanche married. About 2 years after they married, My aunt Muriel was born. During this time, John would not even acknowledge the marraige and when Muriel came along, he also ignored her. They all lived under the same roof for a time. Finally when Muriel was about 4 years old, one day she went to him and just climbed up in his lap and he finally spoke to her. It was not easy for my grandparents. Eventually they had 2 more children, one was my mother Jacqueline. My grandfather Charles was in WWI. He delivered Bordens milk to the neighboring homes. That was what he did until he died in 1959, at the age of 59. I was very attached to my grandfather. My grandparents raised me for the first 4 + years of my life. Then my mother and new father came to take me with them. My grandmother meant everything to me. She was a fabulous cook. She worked at soda shoppes, Mattel Toy co, the church where she cooked for priests. During WWII Mattel became a factory making, I believe, weapons. She used to tell me about the depression, and why she did not trust the banks. However, she still taught me how to open an account and how to save money. She and my mother would talk about the black outs during the war. My mother had ear surgery on the kitchen table during that time as well.
My grand mother was much like her mother, I am told. I did have my ggrandmother till I was 7 yrs. I remember her as being very tall and thin. That she was. She was kind and loving. There was not a prejudice bone in her body. They say she was the only one who cried when ggrandfather John died. I am so glad for my grandmother Blanche, she richly blessed my life. I have a great deal of respect for my elders because of her. She died in January of 1987. I miss her to this day. I am grateful that each of my children got to know her for a time.
Dec 01, 2002 · Reply
Vicki Hurm
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Hi to all Badgers! My great grandfather was Omer Badger from Illinois I believe. My grandfather was Merle Badger who was one of five brothers born to Omer's first marriage. His wife died and he married the housekeeper and they came west(to SOuth Dakota and had more children) two girls (Anna Mae and Martha) and also some boys(I beleive Kendall was one of the boys) Anyway, am looking forwaard to visiting with anyone who is familiar with this family. My mother is a grandaughter of Omer( and he had brothers Walter Lewis Badger and sister Carrie McDaniel). Maybe more siblings and not sure of the dates or places. Amnot sure of the places they lived before the Midwest, but would sure be interseted to hear from anyone who knows. Thanks!
Jul 17, 2005 · Reply
David Burley
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My Great Grandfather was James Badger was born in Scotland in 1859. He was the Missionary to Seamen in Falmouth, Cornwall, England between 1886 and his death in 1916. He spent some years in Waterford, Ireland before moving to Falmouth in 1886 which was around the same time that many other men sailed from Ireland to America to do their Missionary work.

The painting “The Missionary Boat” by artist, Henry Scott Tuke R.A. features James Badger sailing out in a small rowing boat to meet a French Barque as it entered Falmouth Harbour. This painting is still stored among other fine works by Henry Tuke in Falmouth, Cornwall and can also be seen on websites about the life and works of Henry Tuke.

It’s every family historian’s dream to hit the jackpot and find something really special about their ancestor especially where no photographs exist!

James Badger was a jolly good fellow it seems and well respected in Falmouth at the time. He was also quite a sailor too and took part in the organisation of rescuing survivors from the wreck of the Mohegan off Falmouth in 1898. Accounts of this event also exist on various websites.
Oct 25, 2005 · Reply
WandaFaye Pierce
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Hi everyone, I am Wanda Faye [Manley] Pierce, I am the eldest daughter of Hope & L.J. Manley. Hope Darleen [Manley] Badger, my mother, was the daughter of Merle Rosselder Badger & Nora LaRue [VanDyke] Badger. Altogether they had 12 children all listed below:

Sons & Daughters of Merle & Nora (L – Living) (D - Deceased):

& Bessie Badger; 10 kids.....
MONIE (L – Montana )
& Red (Johnson) Herm; 3 kids.....
& Mary Badger; 8 kids.....
PAT (L – S. Dakota)
& Dick Smith; 5 kids.....
LEONA (L – S. Dakota)
& Jim McFarland; 5 kids.....
KENNY (L – S. Dakota)
& Sherry Badger; 3 kids.....
HOPE (L – Arkansas )
& L.J. Manley; 8 kids, 18 grand kids, 18 great-grandkids.....
JUDY (L – S. Dakota)
& Ray Krull; 2 kids.....
MARGIE (L – Alaska )
& Bob Bandy; 3 kids.....
DICKEY (D) died as a baby.....
& Dorie Badger; 2 kids.....
LILA (L – S. Dakota)
& Nick Caspers; 2 kids.....

Nora LaRue [VanDyke] Badger was the daughter of Mary Jane (Staton)[VanDyke] West and Fred Herbert West of South Dakota. As a teenager, I stayed with our Great-Grandma West during my Freshman year at Onida, S.Dakota. (I'll share more about that later)

I live in Poyen, Arkansas [AR]. I am the oldest of 8 children, and have 2 grown sons of my own, Joshua Hestin Jones(27) & Mikel Bradley Jones(24); both live here in Arkansas.
I have many great memories, and many stories and pictures of growing up around Grandma & Grandpa Badger, in S.Dakota and in Alaska. (And also Great-Grandma & Grandpa West.) My e-mail is [contact link], I would love to hear from any of you.
Sep 15, 2008 · Reply

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