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My Grandfather Henry Benjamin Bartlett
was an orphan sent on the Orphan Train, supposedly from Trenton,
New Jersey (date unknown) and ended up in Nodaway County, Missouri.
Henry's Father and mother were supposedly:
They had approximately seven children, all probably born in Trenton, Mercer Co.New Jersey..They were orphaned(date unknown) and were supposedly sent on the Orphan Train to midwest and "scattered about", year unknown.
My grandfather was one of their children. He was said to have a sister
CORA GARRETT living in Pleasanton,Kansas.
My grandfather:
born 7 March 1873 in Trenton (Mercer County)New Jersey
married Carrie Agnes Perue 22 Sept1894 in Nodaway County,Missouri
He later was said to have married
Sadie Turpin of Jackson County,Colorado.
Henry B Bartlett died 14Oct1951 in Anna, Illinois
buried: Greenhill Cemetery,Laramie,Wyoming
I never got to see my Grandpa Bartlett as my grandparents were
divorced about 1912 and he left Wyoming.
Henry Benjamin Bartlett was said to have drawn cartoons for a newspaper
which would possibly be in the area of St. Joseph, Missouri. He lived in the
vicinity of Nodaway County,Missouri until he married my grandmother,Carrie
Agnes Perue in 1894. They traveled by wagon train from St. Joseph,Missouri
to Albany County,Wyoming in a group of family members made up of Perue,
Thomas, Leakey,etc. families.
My grandparents were the parents of six sons: Orval, Wilbur, Edmond E
(my Dad), Henry Jr.,Albert and Roy Herbert BARTLETT.
Grandpa also had a son Darwin Nelson Bartlett, born in Missouri.
Evelyn Bartlett Flood
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Dec 01, 2002 · Reply