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Sanders Bloss had a son and daughter. When he was in his late 20's early 30's he and his son were bit by a rabbid dog.Unfortunately Sanders didn't survive however his son Floyd did ( he was around 8 years old ). Floyd's mother remarried and had two more children. One was a girl and one a boy. These two were Floyd's half brother and sister. His half brother's grandson's name Harry Clayton Lakin. (We have not found out what the 1/2 brother and sister's names were as of yet. ) Floyd Bloss married and had ten children. Shortly after the last child was born his wife passed away and he remarried. His childrens names are Elizabeth (deceased) and she had 3 children. Charles (deceased) and he had one child. Herman (living) adopted 3 children and gave them the family Bloss name. Leonard (living) had one child. Sanders (deceased) had 3 children.(people called him Sanny) Molly Catherine (deceased) had 2 children. (people called her Catherine) Clare Etta (living) had 2 children. Frank (deceased) had 2 children. Vollie (living) had no children. Nettie Jean (living) had 5 children (one deceased due to a fire in 2005)
The family is from Wayne County, WV and has their own family cemetary. There are still some Bloss kinfolk living in Wayne County. They usually have an annual family reunion however the last family reunion we attended was 10 years ago. We are family to Nettie Jean Bloss who married Ernest Lee Shank. Their 5 children are Anna Lee Shank, Harold Allen Shank(deceased),Dennis Ernest Shank, Jenia Marie Shank, and Pamela Sue Shank. Each of the children have married/ divorced/remarried etc and have children. Our family is Dennis Shank.
Sep 30, 2008 · Reply
Anna Lee Shank married and had two children. One girl and one boy. Due to circumstances more can not be shared.
Oct 02, 2008 · Reply
Jenia is the daughter of Ernest and Nettie. She has had 2 children. Due to circumstances more information can not be shared.
Oct 02, 2008 · Reply
Vollie Bloss married June. They currently live in Wayne County, WV near the family cemetary. They have not had any children. Vollie Bloss was child number 9 born to Floyd Bloss. His siblings are Elizabeth, Charles, Herman, Leonard, Sanders (Sanny), Molly (Catherine),Clare Etta, Frank, and Nettie.
Oct 02, 2008 · Reply
My name is Sandi (Sandra) Bloss and I moved to New Zealand from the UK in July 2007. I live with my husband (Edward Dean) and our three children. The rest of my family are still in the UK, mainly in East Anglia and Wales. Originally, I believe, the Bloss's arrived in the UK from France - a place called Blois. Anyhow, it's great to see other Bloss's as I think I am the only one in NZ! And, apart from my UK family, there weren't many of us there either.
Jan 13, 2009 · Reply