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This is an odd story I am sure - If anyone is at a dead end on looking up the family of a Nick Brock maybe we can find answers together , My grandfather escaped the chain gang in Ga. around the 1930's he went away and assumed the Brock name . We have been told he went to Aliquippa Pa. and worked in a iron crusibles plant . That is where he obtained his first SS# . His actual name was Daniel Shirley and his family was in Ga. cleveland Ga. and that area . He left behind a family - wife Nora Parker Shirley , children Edward , Floyd , J.D. , and Marian ( Maryland) who relocated to Kansas city missouri later .
He had a scar from being shot in his rib area , he also had a Navy background in WW1 , he may have spoken of Fletcher Shirley who was his brother .
Hope to find other family they may be Brocks or may be Shirley we have no idea if he ever took back his actual identity .
Anyone with any clues plz contact me Darlene - [contact link]
May 12, 2006 · Reply