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Updated Mar 29, 2021


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Early Buells

These are the earliest records we have of the Buell family.

1671 - Unknown 1671 - ?
1678 - c. 1768 1678 - 1768
1684 - Unknown 1684 - ?
1716 - Unknown 1716 - ?
1718 - Unknown 1718 - ?
1592 - Dec 3, 1639 1592 - 1639
1720 - Unknown 1720 - ?
1725 - 1746 1725 - 1746

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Most Common First Names

Sample of 20 Buell Biographies

c. 1722 - Jun 1812 1722 - 1812
1686 - Feb 18, 1725 1686 - 1725
Oct 12, 1908 - Aug 25, 1992 1908 - 1992
Feb 18, 1896 - Mar 1981 1896 - 1981
May 21, 1928 - Apr 13, 1999 1928 - 1999
Jul 28, 1892 - Jan 1964 1892 - 1964
Jun 7, 1891 - Jun 1960 1891 - 1960
Jul 23, 1921 - Jan 21, 1988 1921 - 1988
Jul 2, 1871 - Nov 1966 1871 - 1966
Aug 16, 1897 - Jun 1973 1897 - 1973
Jun 27, 1970 - Nov 25, 2004 1970 - 2004
Nov 17, 1890 - May 1968 1890 - 1968
Aug 31, 1937 - Apr 1979 1937 - 1979
Jan 29, 1935 - Mar 25, 1992 1935 - 1992
Jan 21, 1896 - Nov 1971 1896 - 1971
Jul 16, 1905 - Aug 19, 1993 1905 - 1993
Dec 19, 1898 - Feb 1983 1898 - 1983
c. 1955 - Unknown 1955 - ?
c. 1907 - May 23, 1948 1907 - 1948
c. 1928 - Unknown 1928 - ?

Buell Death Records & Life Expectancy

The average age of a Buell family member is 72.2 years old according to our database of 3,142 people with the last name Buell that have a birth and death date listed.

Life Expectancy

72.2 years

Oldest Buells

These are the longest-lived members of the Buell family on AncientFaces.

Sep 30, 1883 - Jan 17, 1991 1883 - 1991
107 years
Aug 14, 1905 - Oct 16, 2008 1905 - 2008
103 years
Nov 14, 1868 - Aug 15, 1972 1868 - 1972
103 years
Jan 8, 1895 - Sep 1, 1995 1895 - 1995
100 years
Aug 17, 1894 - Oct 14, 1994 1894 - 1994
100 years
Jan 2, 1899 - May 24, 1999 1899 - 1999
100 years
May 13, 1909 - Jul 21, 2008 1909 - 2008
99 years
Aug 29, 1877 - Oct 1975 1877 - 1975
98 years

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Crystal Buell
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Crystal Buell commented
My name is Crystal Buell and my story today is about my daddy, Darrell Dewayne Buell. They called him Jake for short.
My dad's dad's name was DErrell Rae Buell and my dad's mother's name is Holly Titus(Sebring) She is still alive, awnry and in her late 70's. My dad's siblings are as follows: Carol Rae Buell, Linda Lou Buell, Debra Jolene Buell(she was murdered in 2004 along with her husband of many years,Glenn Carr) Brother Kerry Lee Buell and Randy William Buell. All the siblings are living except for Debra.
My great grandmothers name was Ruby Pearl Buell and she lived to be over 100 yrs. old. She last resided in Ocean Park, Washington. Very neat lady. In fact, the entire family is pretty remarkable, even though hill billy is the first to come to mind.
Moving on: My dad was in the Army. He went to Vietnam when he was only beginning in life and actually had already been romantically involved with my mom, Dione Elaine Krein, she was just over 13 when they met. My dad was a paculiar man, very witty...very set in his ways, strict like the military(so to speak) yet believed in "Live and let live" more so than "Live and let die" !! I know that he landed in trouble after the war, mostly with drinking and driving, but also some other "Criminal" sort of activity.
Once all this trouble began and my mom, my brother(brian and is 3yrs. older)and my self began to move so that we could accomodate my father better.(visiting and such)this is when my long road of "crazy" began. I think my parents were more wrapped up with their"soul-mate" type of love that they forgot about my brother and I. I know my brother began acting out very young, but thats only because this is the way we were raised. Running the neighborhoods and 3 and 6 were nothing awkward to my brother and I. My brother actually caught his first felony when he was just 7yrs.old. BURGLARY. Yes, somehting the BUELL family had instilled in us at a very young age. Not only was crime and big thing but also the drinking and drugs. I myself never started any drinking or drugs until I was 13, but my brother on the other hand never had a chance to be akid. My brother spent alot of his child hood locked up in juvenile or some sort of boys home or prison, as a amatter of fact, prison is where he is now. 2yrs.
I first got locked up at the age of like 14 and this was due to running away, stealing cars and drugs. I then too began a cycle of trouble.
My dad like I said was pretty strict and more so on Brian but for some reason, nothing he-they ever said stuck in our heads. Now I think and wonder if "AGENT ORANGE" didn't have soemthing to do with our "retardation". I'm getting to that now.............
Agent Orange first became new to my family in the early part of October, 1996. My dad was never feeling well and so while we were living in Idaho, he went to doctors and htis is when we learned of this Agent Orange Poision that my dad was exposed to in the Vietnam War in 1967. So many of our Vietnam Vets were exposed to this, put thru a miserable and torturous, slow death and so was the rest of us. I watched my father go from and man that was brave and confident and proud to scared and weak and lost. My dad thought he was going to live right up until the last few days of his life.
Backing up a bit, my dad did have a stem cell transplant in May of 1997, but little did we know that this would only buy him 5 more years to live. If I had known I had just those few years to be with my dadddy, I certainly would have spent them a little more sacred.
Unfortunantly, in September of 2002, he died here at home with all of us surrounding him. Well, my mom was holding his left hand as I held his right hand, right here in our living room. It was the hardest thing I ever had to endure. It's hard to watch your "daddy" dwindle.
I had to put myself in his place most of the time to try and communicate on an ok level and oh my gad does that hurt my heart. Although I have yet to get over my dads death all these years later, I wouldn't change that time with him EVER.
HOWEVER, not only due I suffer from the turmoil the government cuased on my daddy and all the other forgotten vets, but I have a huge issue with the government. They say they take care of our heros, yet they fail to do just that. They limit their possibilities(limiting the certain things they can partake in) when it was our heros that made our possibilities endless.
Our vets should be handed everything to them, without hesitation because of there heroic efforts.
This agent orange and all the other damaging chemicals used in this SENSLSESS-SELFISH-war should have never been used. A counteracting chemical should have been developed as well and basic common knoweledge tells me that they clearly never intended for our heros to come home again.
I hate the way this world has turned out with all the fighting and materialistic ways and am baffled by the way we all have bowwed down to this idea that we need money to grow.
I look at the babies we are blessed with and how they souly count on our human insticts for survival and love and I can't think to how money can help this soul prosper. I think of all the baby animals, kittens and puppies and horses and pigs and cows that clearly don't have money growing out of there asses that allows them to grow and learn but how it is that they count on us as humans to give these things to them ALL ON OUR OWN.
Money is overated and so are all of us for allowing this type of s*** to run our world.

IF we ALLLLL don't start believing in this higher power, my God and yours.....and if we don't put him FIRST ALWAYS, then surely this world is doomed.
I'm a far cry from a bible thumper and I cuss worse then a trucker and I have a ton of felonies, butr I am the most down to earth, natural, normal person with tooo much compassion that you will ever get the chance to meet and I just wanna pound in our heads that we CAN survive nad thrive and prosper without war or hatred or money to lead the way. I need leaders to show me how cause I can't seem to do it on my own.
I will souly die just on saddness alone and so I am counting of you to help save my life.
Please will someone.......2, 3, 4, a trillion people hear me and feel my thoughts.
Pay it forward
God first and do something without money for someone and they in turn will pass it on to someoene else who is deserving.
Pretend moeny was never an issue and I promise u too will see how we as people have built this world together and never once was money apart of the build.
I didn't mix paper money in the cement mixture to beging building a city, it was u and I helping one another and coming up with a plan to be successful and comfortable at it all.

Ok, enough, I better print this before I erase it all once and for all.
Tnanks to those who have at least just heard me out.
God Bless and support our troops.
Feed the hungy animals that come in your path and give a pillow ans blanket to soemeone whos homeless and give them food and love and knowledge.
May 20, 2010 · Reply
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Mike Patton
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Mike Patton commented
have a old buell book dated 1881 albert welles. left to me from my grandmother. has old pictures of oliver buell and letters of kin folk dated back 1882. please get hold of me.
Feb 10, 2011 · Reply

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