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Burk Last Name History & Origin

Updated Jul 02, 2021


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Early Burks

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The average age of a Burk family member is 72.5 years old according to our database of 6,470 people with the last name Burk that have a birth and death date listed.

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Candy Partridge commented
I am looking for any info on Robert LeRoy Burk (e). One document I have spells his last name without an "e" another spells it with an "e". His father's name was Claude Franklin Burk(e). The spelling for his Mother is Prellwitz, in 1953 she lived in Horicon, Wisconsin. He came to Helena, Montana, from Nashville, TN. He was discharged from the service in August of 1948. Thanks for any help-Candy
Dec 01, 2002  ·  Reply
Candy Partridge commented
My Dad came to Montana around 1552, he married Mickey, maybe called Myrtl, then. I was born June of 53,in Jan or Feb. my dad left, for reason's I will leave unsaid. I wanted him to know that even though we have never meant, I love him & wish we could have had time together. I really don't know if he is alive, he would be around 78, give or take a few years. His parents were Claude C. Burke and Dorthy Prelwitz(surname). He was born in Eagleriver, Wisc. If I have sisters & brothers out there I would love to meet you. Candy
Dec 01, 2002  ·  Reply
Louella Burke commented
iwould like to know who this richard is that put the input on robert leroy burkiknew he had adaughter living in helena ,mt email me
Dec 02, 2005  ·  Reply
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