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John Brinkley Burks was born April 25, 1807 in Oglethorpe Co., Georgia. His parents were William Burks, Jr. and Mary "Polly" Dunston. Brinkley married Temperence "Tempy" Evans on Jan. 19, 1831 in Newton Co., Georgia. She died in June 1873 in China Grove, Pike Co., Alabama; he died Aug. 8, 1888 in China Grove. They were buried in Old Union Cemetery, across the road from Old Union Primitive Baptist Church, where they were active members. It is now in Bullock Co.

Brinkley and Tempy's children were Joel, Mastin Milton (my g-gf), William Pulaski, Martha Elizabeth, Temperence, Margaret, Mary, James Brinkley, Frederick, Susan and Jemima Burks.

After Tempy's death, Brinkley married Sophronia E. Lawrence Turner, a widow, with one son. Their children were Julia Annie S., Daniel Dozier, Boycey Adelaide, Minnie L. and Robert Franklin Burks.
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