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Cameron Last Name History & Origin

Updated Mar 17, 2022


Originated in Scotland. Inverness.


The Cameron name originated in Scotland. They were Highlander's. The second largest clan in Scotland. They were raiders who would go down in the low lands and steal cattle and anything else they could. They were considered the fiercest fighters in Scotland.

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The average age of a Cameron family member is 67.9 years old according to our database of 26,197 people with the last name Cameron that have a birth and death date listed.


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Rasd Nuijko commented on Jan 07, 2010
my mother and father were kind and anonymous in their giving.Many years ago in nova scotia their was a baptist church that had been burnt to the ground by arson. The minister went throughout nova scotia and new brunswick looking for a contactor to rebuild their church.Each one approached had a different excuse why they could not rebuild. my father was last on the list and approached my dad. Dad called mom up to the office and they said quietly to the minister they would rebuild the church on two conditions that a. my parents would pay for the work and materials and b. that the minister was to keep their names anonymous.This church is in new glasgow nova scotia.I feel it is right and proper to share an example of my beautiful parents kindness.Their are many many more true stories like this about Robert Burns Cameron and Florence Anna [campbell] Cameron.
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