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Updated Sep 13, 2017


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Early Careys

These are the earliest records we have of the Carey family.

1493 - 1550
1498 - 1560
1501 - 1560
1510 - Apr 1, 1586
1560 - Apr 12, 1639
1571 - 1644
1573 - Unknown

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Unknown - Unknown
Feb 4, 1890 - August 1989
Feb 6, 1891 - Mar 15, 1968
Jan 6, 1925 - Apr 17, 1996
Sep 15, 1893 - December 1965
Nov 23, 1894 - June 1972
Aug 13, 1946 - Oct 3, 2005
Apr 25, 1931 - Jul 22, 2003
May 29, 1926 - Apr 30, 1985
Feb 5, 1916 - May 1983
Nov 29, 1921 - Dec 16, 2004
Jul 3, 1950 - January 1974
Sep 2, 1904 - Jul 17, 2001
around 1968 - Unknown
around 1969 - Unknown
around 1844 - Sep 6, 1916
Jan 22, 1929 - Jul 1, 1961
1861 - 1896
1888 - 1961
around 1910 - Unknown

Carey Death Records & Life Expectancy

The average age of a Carey family member is 68.5 years old according to our database of 25,449 people with the last name Carey that have a birth and death date listed.

Life Expectancy

68.5 years

Oldest Careys

These are the longest-lived members of the Carey family on AncientFaces.

Apr 26, 1862 - August 1977
115 years
Nov 14, 1890 - Jun 25, 1996
105 years
Sep 23, 1869 - September 1975
105 years
Sep 3, 1881 - March 1987
105 years
Jan 15, 1892 - Aug 2, 1997
105 years
Dec 9, 1884 - Dec 17, 1988
104 years
Mar 4, 1895 - Jan 27, 2000
104 years
Apr 28, 1904 - Dec 30, 2008
104 years
1827 - 1931
104 years
Apr 25, 1907 - Aug 18, 2010
103 years

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Sandra Bryan
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Hello, anyone researching David Carey and Lucretia Ann McConnell from Armagh Ireland?
May 10, 2015 · Reply
Valerie Bunce
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Thomas Carey born Athlone Ireland 1811 married Mary Ann born 1815 Tipperary Ireland. They came to Salford in 1851during the potato famine and set up a boarding house at 9 Heathorns Court Salford and had five children :

1837 Winnifred 1841 Thomas 1843 Michael 1847 Henry 1850 Catherine

Henry Carey was my Great Grandfather and married Maria Sullivan (born in Salford 1879). They had a family :

1900 John Carey (deceasd 1901)/Elsie Carey 1913/Arthur Carey 1918/Thomas Carey 1921-86/Norman Carey 1923-44

Thomas Carey was my Father and I am trying to put together my ancestry. I know my Grandfather Henry was alive in 1939 when he wrote to my Father when he was entering the forces but cannot find out when he died - in 1939 he was living in Moss Side Manchester. Maria Carey, my Grandmother I think died in child birth (I believe in 1923 when Norman was born) but I cannot find her death details either. I knew that when their mother died the children were put into a Catholic orphage in the Salford area and when Elsie, was old enough they all lived at Leaffield Ave. Didsbury after being fostered out with various families. Elsie married a Pat Davies or Davis during the war and they all lived at the Didsbury Address but I am not sure when either of them died although it was before 1948 when I was born. My husband and I recently visited the Bruary Cemetry nr Caaen in France where Norman Carey is burried as he was killed on 28 June 1944 - he was a artillery gunner protecting Caan after D Day.

I want to travel to Ireland to trace my roots and also to Salford and the surrounding areas to find the orphange, if it is still standing - I visited it once when I was about 5 years old when my mother and father were going to foster a child there but I cannot remember the name of it.

I know from the 1881 census that Henry Carey/Margaret Bacon (my grandfather Henry's parents) lived at 3 Albert Place, Salford.

Henry Carey & Maria Sullivan (my grandparents) in 1901 Census lived at 23 Kara St. Salford
where all their children were born.

Prior to marrying Henry Maria Sullivan lived at 2 Lindsay St. Salford with here parents and siblings.

I am experiencing trouble finding out informaiton after 1901 Census and would be grateful if anyone has any information that might help me trace my ancestors.
Jul 29, 2008 · Reply
Marie Branson-King
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Notes for Lydia Hollingsworth JONES


The funeral of Mrs. Lydia Carey, whose death occurred Monday evening, February 6, 1911, at the home of her son, Isaac Carey, on N. Main St., was conducted Wednesday afternoon from theFriend's Church. Mrs. Carey, who was in her eighty ninth year, was a pioneer resident of Grant Co., Indiana.

She and her husband, the late John Carey, a minister of the Friend's Church, who died 26 years ago, bought a farm more than 60 years ago about 3 Mi. N. W. of Fairmount. The land had been recently entered when they purchased it. On the farm they resided for almost half a century) and here their children were born and reared.

After the infirmities of old age made it impossible for Aunt Lydia to remain alone, she made her home with her children. The past few years having been spent with John T. and Ruth T. and with Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Carey.

The surviving children are Richard Carey of Willow Springs, Mo.; John T., Isaac and Leander Carey and Mrs. Hannah Andrews of Grant Co.; Lindley Carey of Newberg, Ore. and Mrs. Anna Swafford of Cullison, Kan.

The funeral was conducted by Rev. Richard Haworth assisted by Rev. Nixon Rush, the latter reading the 71st Psalm. Rev. Haworth in his sermon paid a beautiful tribute to Motherhood.

Pallbearers were grandsons. The large audience was remarkable because of the many elderly people. Interment in Park Cemetery.
(Above was copied from a newspaper clipping kept in the Carey Bible in the home of Fern King Gromer, Springfield, MO.

To Back Creek Monthly Meeting of Friends: John Carey attended New Bedford Monthly Meeting at Bedford, Mass.) 6-23-1892 andYearly meeting of Friends for New England held at Newport, Rhode I., 6 Mo. 10th to 15th inclusive 1892.

A small and worn piece of birch bark was in the Carey Family Bible. The following letter was hand written on it.

Poughkeepsie N.Y. 5-25-1892
Birch bark from Glens Falls. I took it from
the tree. I send it out from here to one
I would like to see. John Carey"

I have carried it to Rhode Island. This
place is not called home. I write a
little more to the and know I send
it hurry to Lydia Carey, Dear wife.
Thy husband John Carey
6 Mo. 10-92

Included in book "Our Carey Ancestors" by Marie Branson King.
Dec 08, 2004 · Reply
Marie Branson-King
404 favorites
Notes for Leander CAREY

Source: History of Grant County, Indiana, Volume II, Brant & Fuller, Chicago, 1886 p. 1111-1112
LEANDER CAREY,Now living retired at Jonesboro, Leander Carey has spent the greater part of his life in Grant County, represents some fine old Quaker stock in this region, and in his own career has exemplified the quiet industry, effective virtues and the religious devotion, which have been noteworthy in the various members of the Carey household.

Leander Carey was born in Fairmount Township, May 10, 1855, , and lived and grew up in the county, was educated in its country schools and followed farming here until 1880. The following fourteen years were spent in the states of Kansas and Nebraska, and since then he has once more resumed residence in the county of his birth.

Grandfather John Carey, Sr. was born in Pennsylvania, lived most of his life in Ohio, where he died and his death occurred following a visit to Pennsylvania where he had some duties to perform. He was born. in 1783, and died about 1850. John Carey, Sr., married Margaret Green, who was born in Pennsylvania in 1782, and died in Ohio when quite all old lady. They were both Quakers, and of old Pennsylvania stock, being very devout in their religion and simple and unworldly, but successful people.

John Carey, second married Lydia Jones and Leander Carey was fourth among them. Leander Carey was first married in Fairmount on Sept. 3, 1875 to Minerva, a daughter of Jesse and Sarah Reece. Her parents were early settlers of Grant County and they died in their County. Mrs Minerva Carey died in Kansas July 3, 1882. She was the mother of three children, Lillie II, who died at the age of 18, Jesse R, and Eliza J., both of whom died in the same year as their mother. Rev. Jesse Reece, father of Mrs. Carey was a well known Quaker Preacher and his daughter was reared and held to that faith all her life.

While living in Nebraska, Mr Carey married his second wife, Mary Julia Munns, who as born in Decatur County, Indiana, May 18, 1855, was reared in her native county and was a daughter of Archibald and Sally (Miller) Munns both now deceased. The Munns were Methodists in religion. Mr and Mrs. Carey have no children. They are members of the Methodist Protestant Church. For many years Mr. Carey supported the Republican Party, but is now a Prohibitionist, both in principal and in action.

Mr. Carey is the acknowledged leader of the Carey family in this part of Indiana, and was for two years president of the Carey Annual Reunion, and had done a great deal to keep the various branches of the name in touch with each other, and to stimulate pride and interest in the family lineage.

Included in book "Our Carey Ancestors" by Marie Branson King.
Dec 08, 2004 · Reply
Marie Branson-King
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Notes for John T CAREY

Source: History of Grant County. Indiana. Volume II. Brant & Fuller, Chicago, 1886, p. 1166-1167.

Three generations of the house of Carey have left their imprint upon the life of Grant County, Indiana, and a fourth generation just coming into activity in the business of life gives promise of equaling the excellent work of their progenitors in the community that has so long known and honored the Carey family. The first of the name to locate in Grant County were four sons of John Carey, the paternal grandfather of John T. Carey, whose name initiates this review.

John Carey, it is presumed, was born in Virginia, coming of an old and well established family, and he subsequently located in Clinton County, Ohio. He settled on a farm there and devoted himself to agricultural activities, spending the most of his life there. He came to Grant County, Indiana, to visit his sons, and his death soon afterward occurred in Liberty Township. He was then past seventy-five years of age, and his life had been one of singular usefulness in those communities that he had called home. His good wife later died in the same township, when she had reached the age of about eighty-three, and both lie buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery. Her maiden name was Margaret Green, and, like her husband, was a Virginian, it is assumed, though accurate facts as to the early life of these fine old people are not of record and only reports by word of mouth are available. They were married in Clinton County, Ohio, where they first met, and together they continued to live there for a great many years. They were Quakers, and reared their children in that simple and fine old faith.

John Carey, their son and the father of the subject of this review, was born in Clinton County, Ohio, I 1816, and he died on July 19, 1895. He grew up in his native community, and there learned the trade of a carpenter, but after coming to Grant County he followed farming. In Clinton County he met and married Eliza Moon, and she died while yet in the prime of life, leaving her widowed husband with six children. In 1849 John Carey took his motherless brood of children and came to Grant County, here to locate on new and untried land in section 18 of Fairmount Township. He brought to his new home and his new enterprise a vast and telling energy that soon made his wilderness farm a real home and a productive bit of soil. He improved his first possession, and with the passing years gradually acquired more until he soon owned 240 acres, eighty acres lying in Fairmount Township and 160 acres in Mill Township. He later, however, sold 120 acres, and in 1888 took up his residence in Jonesboro, where he finally died.

Soon after he took up his residence in Grant County Mr. Carey married a second time. The lady of his choice was Lydia Hollingsworth, nee Jones, the widow of John Hollingsworth, who died and left his widow with one daughter, Lucinda Hollingsworth. Mrs. Lydia Carey was born in Wayne County Indiana. She came to Grant County when five years of age, was reared within its

confines, and she died here on the 6th of February 1911, at the fine old age of eighty-eight years, having been born on the 11th of June 1822. She was a daughter of Richard and Hannah (Thomas) Jones, old pioneer stock of Grant County and who names will live in the community for many years to come. Like her husband she was a Quaker, and their lives were ideal in every respect. John Carey was for many years a Quaker preacher in his home community, and is still remembered for his life of singular clearness and devotion to duty and as a whole-souled Christian man. He was a citizen of commendable traits, and his loyalty and devotion to his home district was one of the fine things about him. None excelled him in his qualities of good citizenship, and he combined the duties of a preacher with those of a citizen in the most pleasing manner, in a day when it was quite generally held that a minister of the Gospel might not interest himself with material things to the extent of mixing in local politics. To these parents were born eight children, of whom seven are still living. John T. Carey was the second born as well as the second son in this family of five sons and three daughters.

John T. Carey was born on his father's farm in Fairmount Township on October 15, 1851, and was reared and educated in that community. He has come to occupy a place of no little importance in his home township and has been more than ordinarily successful in his business activities. He has a fine farm of 135 acres, improved to its highest and most productive condition, and the buildings on the place are the kind that reflect genuine credit upon their owner. He owns ninety-five acres in Mill Township, where he lives, the remainder lying in Fairmount Township. Mr. Carey has inherited all the qualities of thrift and all the excellencies of character that marked his parents, and he is a man whose influence on the community is one of the highest order.

In 1875 Mr. Carey was married in Back Creek Church to Miss Ruth T. Elliott, who was born in Miami County, Indiana, on November 6, 1855, but when nine years of age she came with her parents to Grant county, where they located in Mill Township. She is a daughter of Exum and Hulda (Knight) Elliott, both natives of Grant County and successful farmers of both Grant and Miami counties. They died in this county in advanced life. Mrs. Carey is a woman of exceptional character and qualities. Since she was eighteen years of age she has been a minister of the Friends church, preaching in the Back Creek Church in Grant county, in the Friends church at Manton, Michigan, and in the Friends church at North Grove, Indiana. She has preached at many other places on occasions, and is known as one of the ablest exhorters to be found among the ministers of the church body. Her work has reflected forth many excellent qualities that are inherent within her, and few have wielded a greater influence for good than has Mrs. Carey wherever she has gone.

Four children came to brighten the home of Mr. and Mrs. Carey: Maud, the first born, died in infancy; Ida, the second, died at the age of eighteen years; Gervas Albert Carey has been a pastor and minister in Friends church since twenty years of age, but is now a student and teacher in Friends' University, Wichita, Kansas. His wife was formerly Amy Gitchel. They have two daughters, Ruth and Elizabeth. The youngest child, John Stanley Carey, is engaged in operating his father's farm and has demonstrated his capacity as an agricultural man and in no uncertain

terms. He has given special attention to stock raising and his success has been praiseworthy. He married Callie Leota Thomas and they have one daughter, Pauline Louise.

It would be difficult, indeed, to estimate the genuine worth to any community of the lives of such people as these. Aside from his activities in the interests of the church Mr. Carey has for the twenty-eight years been an ardent Prohibitionist, and he has accomplished much not alone by the power of his splendid example, but in what he has been able to do in the way of showing the need and possibility of better civic conditions in the community. None is held in higher esteem than he, and none is more deserving of the high regard of his fellows.

Included in book "Our Carey Ancestors" by Marie Branson King.
Dec 08, 2004 · Reply
Marie Branson-King
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Notes for Anna L. CAREY

This was was published in Kansas newspaper, 1946

Haviland-Mrs. Anna Swafford, 82, Haviland, probably had as many descendants in the services during the war as any other woman in the nation.

Mrs. Swafford is the mother of 13 children, twelve of whom reached maturity and 10 of whom still survive. But that is only part of the story.

She has 188 living descendants. There are ten living children. 70 grandchildren, 106 great-grand-children and two great-great-grandchildren.

Had their been a service flag in the window during the war it would have contained half as many stars as Old Glory itself.

She had 24 grandsons in the armed forces and every one of them survived the wars.

Mrs. Swafford was born Anna Carey, the youngest of eight children, near Marion, Ind., on April14, 1864. In 1880 she and the late Linden Swafford, a Friends Minister, were married. Her husband died in 1931.

She has moved but three times in those 82 years. The first time when she married, then to a farm home near Byers where she lived continuously until 1935 and thence to Haviland.

Ten of her 13 children were born in Mrs. Swafford's girlhood home.

Here is a list of her living sons and daughters:

Mrs. Carol Whybrew, Maryville, Arkansas
Mrs. Elletta Gaddis, Dolores, Colorado
Leonard Swafford, Kismet, Kansas
Mrs. Eva King, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Mrs. Bernice King, Liberal, Kansas
John Swafford, Newport Beach, California
Mrs. Lydia Cox, Byers, Kansas
Wilfred Swafford, Macksville, Kansas
Verlin Swafford, Byers, Kansas
Mrs. Velma Grimes, Haviland, Kansas


Anna L. Swafford, daughter of John and Lydia Carey was born near Jonesboro, Indiana, Apri1 14th, 1864 and departed this life at the Pratt Hospital, July 31st, 1948 at the age of 84 years, 3 months, and 17 days. Her childhood was spent nea r Jonesboro, Indiana.

She was a birthright member of the Friend's Church and was converted at an early age. On February 22nd, 1898 she sought and received the baptism with the Holy Ghost, having lived a faithful Christian life, consecrated and separated for God's service over fifty years.

on August 21st, 1880 she was united in marriage with M Lindon Swafford. To this union were born 13 children.

Her husband and three daughters preceded her in death.

In 1900 she with her husband and family moved to Pratt Co. Kansas near Byers where she lived until after the death of her husband on October 18, 1931.

In March 1935 she with her daughter, Velma moved to Haviland, Kansas where they trasfered their church membership from Pleasant Plain Monthly Meeting of Friends to Haviland Monthly Meeting.
She is survived by the following children:

Coral Whybrew, Alton, Kans.; Elletta Gaddis, Delores, Colo.; Leonard Swafford, Kismet, Kans.; John Swafford Tustin, Calif.; Lydia Cox, Byers, Kans.; Wilford Swafford, Macksville, Kansas; Verlin Swafford, Byers, Kans.; & Velma Grimes, of Haviland. Seventy Grandchildren, 134 great-grandchildren and 6 great-great-grandchildren with a host of friends.

Included in book "Our Carey Ancestors" by Marie Branson King.
Dec 08, 2004 · Reply

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