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Melissa Chandler commented on Aug 06, 2015
My name is Melissa Starr Chandler. I was born November 29, 1988 at Pitt County Memorial Hospital. My parents are Jermie Lee Chandler and Edna Ruth Jones, my mother has been married 4 times. Other names are Edna Ruth Chandler and Edna R Woolard. My parents are currently divorced. My father has been married 3 times. 1st to Sharon Chandler. They have a daughter named Shannon Chandler..also known as Shannon Smith (married to Jeff Smith). 2nd to my mother Edna, which has since been remarried to Leon Woolard, then 3rd to Gloria Cutler. My father and Gloria are currently seperated and have been for years but never divorced to my knowledge. My grandparents are Holt Chandler, married to Louise Chandler on my father's side and Esther Ruth Jones, married to JT Jones, on my mother's side. Providing as much information as possible, here's my story....
Before birth, my grandmother Louise Chandler disowned me because she disliked my mother. Her words the day I was born to my father (which called her to see her new grandchild) was "I cant miss what I dont see." Regardless of all the drama, my father moved our family to 2897 Chandler Road to be near his family in 1989. Growing up was complicated...never felt welcomed by my grandmother although she bit her tongue and allowed me to come over and visit with her and my grandfather Holt Chandler. Once he passed away, I was no longer welcome to visit. He was the only bridge for me to know my family. The kindest man Ive ever known, the one who taught me about baseball, how to play a guitar and the one that listened to me when i was feeling blue, the only one that accepted and liked my mother (he would sneak a meal of my moms cooking before going home after work sometimes and make us swear not to tell Louise)...that man has been missed. I remember one afternoon I was playing out in his front yard with my dog. I was a tomboy so things were getting too rough, next thing I knew, my dog threw me to the ground and bit me. My grandfather flew off that porch, literally, he cleared the steps in a blink of an eye...ran to me and picked me up, brushed me off and made sure I was ok. When I looked back to the porch, everyone else was still conversating and hadn't noticed a thing. At that moment I realized just how much he loved me and cared...and I'll never forget.
As the black sheep, I started raising hell throughout Beaufort County. The only person that understood me was gone...and my parents divorced. My mom left me with my dad because she couldn't provide for me...but I didn't understand that as a child. My dad was always drunk...then before I knew it, I was too. I would run away to my uncles house (Otha "Buddy Boy" Chandler) and get so drunk I couldn't stand up anymore. Everyone that knew Buddy Boy knows he was an alcoholic, but don't think for a second he wasn't a good person because he was. He raised hell and messed up a lot but had a good heart and a damn good wife (Judy Chandler) that stuck by his side until his last day and put up with more s*** than any woman should. Throughout my teenage years I got into a little trouble here and there with the police but nothing major. My uncle is "Sheriff" Alan Jordan (married to Tina) but that doesn't mean we get along. Never did, never will.
At 17, I got pregnant and married Charles Brandon Purser. We married on February 26, 2006 in Beaufort County and on May 5, 2006 we had our son Brandon Lee Purser. Born at Beaufort County Hospital. 4 months later, I found out I was pregnant again. On July 12, 2007, my second son Mason Cole Purser was born at Beaufort County Hospital. Being a mom to what felt like twins and married to a husband who was never around started taking a toll. I found out my husband was seeing other I reunited with Jack Daniels. Charles and I seperated in 2012, then I met the love of my life, Keith Thomas Woodson. We moved into a camper at Eagle's Nest with my 2 sons. A custody battle full of lies and my ex husband's full pockets won him custody of the boys. After that, I felt like I had no purpose. I never spent a day away from them since birth. What now? Well, I still have my love....
In the summer of 2013, the days were getting hotter, money and jobs were scarce but drugs were plenty. Thomas and I fell into the trap. Here we were, in love and just trying to make a dollar any way we could so we could eat at night. Pretty soon the County of Beaufort was looking at a modern day Bonnie and Clyde. In the mix of running from the law and living like criminals, I found out I was pregnant...but if I quit...I wouldn't be eating or paying the rent. Now, I know you're saying I could've done other things...but at the time, I saw no other options. Instead of being gunned down, we were closed in. The early morning of August 28, 2013...we had a knock at the door. The place was surrounded by ATF and cops were everywhere. Thomas and I hit the end of our rope. We kissed goodbye and I was put into a car. We never broke eye contact as I was driven away to jail. He went to prison. On December 2, 2013, I gave birth to our son Kaleb Thomas Woodson at Pitt County Hospital. Thomas was released from prison in November 2014 when he met his son. Since then, we havent missed a beat. Just as in love as we ever were...and making legal money. We got married on July 26, 2015 at the courthouse in Beaufort County. The magistrate shook his head and said "What have I done? I just married Bonnie and Clyde." I smile but I sure am glad we changed our ways and learned from mistakes.
I hope this information will one day help...but if it doesn't, i hope you enjoyed my story.
Melissa Starr Chandler (Woodson)
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