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Hi, my name is charla charise my mom was rita k. risner, i just found out that charles earnest childress is my birth father. and i would give anything to know something about him, all i know about him is his name and he was born 1941-42 and him and my mom were married, april 22,1966 in parker county tx. please if ne one knows any of these answers contact me at [contact link].. :-)
Nov 10, 2013 · Reply
my nan emigrated to the us in 1912 she was living in Detroit and married a Charles childress on or around 1915.
charles was the adopted son of john childress occupation butcher.
my nans maiden name was witham.
they were married for five years and had 3 children dorothy charles and
charles snr died on Christmas day 1920 or around that time there was an article written in the local paper as he was burnt when his Santa suite caught fire he died of his injury's

my nan returned to England some time after this

if any one has any further information or photos
Jun 05, 2010 · Reply