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My CUTLER family came to Bucks County/Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area in the 8th month, 31st day of 1685. They were Quakers who came from Slaidburn, (then Yorkshire), England aboard the ship Rebecca. I have an extensive family history recorded and do free look ups that concern the early settlers in Bucks County. There are many related surnames, to many to list here.
I also have a copy of "A Cutler Memorial and History 1889 by N.S. Cutler". And I have much genealogy information on the Cutler's (John, James, Robert) who were early settlers in New England.
Part of my family moved from Bucks County to Ontario, Canada in 1789 and some of my Cutler's moved to Ohio in the early 1800's. I have many of their family members documended also.
I can be reached thru e-mail; [contact link]
Dec 30, 2007 · Reply
I am in posession of a Cutler family Bible from the mid 1800's. George E. Cutler, among oters, is mentioned. I would like to get this treasure to a direct descendent. Please email me at gcrwdr@yahoo. com.

Grant Rawlins
Grants Pass, OR
May 21, 2007 · Reply