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Updated Jan 02, 2020


There was a town in Russia named Dube, where the family originated. Dube is the Russian name for oak.

Name Origin

There was a town in Russia named Dube, where the family originated. Dube is the Russian name for oak.

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Russian, Jewish.

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Dube and Dubek and similar houses:

Dub means in Slovak and Czech language name of the tree: Oak! For research only, because to surname is custom to give the end of word or abreviate:
Dubek means smaller oak and Dubcek would be the smallest oak. Tree.
I have experience that some surnames in Slovakia changed or also did not changed such to mean something in Slovak, but they mean something in Slovak, but are not of Slovak origin. Du can be also noble predikat as for example used Robespierre, was originaly Durobespierre. To recognize if it is the same family or not helps the coat of arms, therefore I here give describtion. I use the beginning of the family or their predikat, not all information and also change after the battle at the white mountain.
Z in Czech and Slovak is the same as of or von.

Therefore I have family Dubek in research! I saw on internet DuBek. Bratislava - kantors of both confesions: Rudolf Dubek 1664-1674. So here is question for Dubek write me from what is Dubek, what story you have as tradition? [contact link]

z Dube-old Czech lord family, branch of older Benesovic, beginning to the 11th century, divided in 1. half of 13th century.
Ondrej Benesovic at the end of the 13th century the castle Duba. Petr of Dube, templar, 1253 velkoprevor of the order in Bohemia, kloster na Starem meste in Prague.

Dubansti z Duban, after Dubany na Litomericku

Dubsti z Trebomislic-counts, from Czech prince family, count title on Morava, Dub at Prachensko, property Trebomyslice at Horazdovice. Coat of arms silver horns of buffalo with three human hands of natural colour on the outer side, blue backround, 1608 lifted up to the lord status, after the battle at the white mountain taken properties. Related with houses of Kolovrat, Colloredo, Kinsky, Zerotin, lords of Prichovic, Svabenic etc.

Dubsti z Vitinevsi-Freiherr, noble predikat in 1. half of 17th century,
coat of arms is divided horizontaly on the same parts, upper part has the branch with three acorns on the blue field, bellow part has the hand with the pistol on the red field. Up are the wings.
The founder of the house is Vaclav D. he came from Vitinevsi at Jaromer.

Berka z Dube-old Czech lord family from the family Ronovic, at the beginning of 13th century appears ancestors, coat of arms in gold shield two glack branches of in German Ronn-or I would translate to English shots. Urancestor is Caslotov ze Zitavy, who had four sons. Chval is the ancestor of lords of Lipe, other famous member of this family is Hynek of Dube /1249-1306/, purkrabi of Prague, Zbynek was the highest prevor of the order of the knights of Malta, Ladislav was land hejtman and Vaclav was director and the highest judge. Vaclav and Bohuchval had to escape 1620, their properties after konfiscation Doksy, Kokorin, Destne, Vidim and others bought Adam z Valdstejna. Jindrich Wolf lifted 1632 to the count status, in 18th century B. of Dube died, descendants of emigrants are in Sweden, later in Germany.
Zbynek Berka z Dube a Lipe /1551-1606/, many church offices, 1592 arcibishop of Prague, died under the sugesting on the hut of kardinal.
Berkas of Dube were related to Donin, Hyzrl, Kolovrat, Lobkovic, Ryzmburk, Sternberk, Vartemberk, Zerotin.

Mracti z Dube-the branch of lords of Dube, the coat of arms has packet shot. The property Mrac at Benesov had Benes of Dube in 1. half of 15th century, his son Petr also. Later had other properties, for example Prcice. Karel of this family was the highest country judge of Friedrich of the Rhine, he had Prcice, Porici, Bozecice, Svojcice, Zalecky, royal advisor. 2/3 of properties lost after 1620 and 1622 changed faith for catholic.

Geographical names from Czech and Slovak republic:
Dub nad Moravou, Dub u Noveho Jicina, Dub u Prachatic, Duba, Dubec, Dubenec u Dvora Kralove nad Labem, Dubi u Teplic 1, Dubi u Teplic 2/Horska Bystrice/, Dubi u Teplic 3 /Pozorka/, Dubicko, Dublovice, Dubnany, Dubne, Dubnica nad Vahom, Dubnice pod Ralskem, Dubnik pri Novych Zamkoch, Dubodiel, Dubova pri Modre, Dubova pri Svidniku, Duboce pri Skalici, Dubove pri Tencianskych Tepliciach, Dubovec, Dubravy.

My genealogy to Dubek:

Ruperta - Eva Bartosova /more see page on surname Bartos and bellow are other surnames to see other genealogy/
M. Bartos, musician + Z. Bartosova b. Gruberova
Prof. Ing. M. Bartos, teacher on high school, director, chess trainer of masters of Slovakia on Chemic school in Bratislava, chessplayer... + Z. Halamkova, teacher
Josef Bartos *26.12.1899, married 23.1.1924 Zuzana Steinhubelova 2.10.1899-6.9.1932 /her parents Pavel Steinhubel vineyardowner /his anestor could be Albrecht Steinhubel circa 1589-1600 died in Modra + Katarina b. Juranova - Juran comes from counts with predikat of Jur and of Pezinok or also of Svaty Jur who were in locality Jur and Pezinok in 13-16 century, had 10 castles and many properties and functions, also in Austria, Morava, Stajersko, Korutansko, oldest member is Hunt-Poznanovcov-Nitra zupan Tomas /, were taverniks, judges, mail royal garson /in French I forgot word, wine to cup to king/, till Sedmohrad princes, diplomats, captains, 1610 was created village Kralova near Modra and Matej Forgach was chief of village, 1650 was chief of village Martin Juran, beginning of 17th century tries go to this function also Jano Juran, occurs also Jan Juraj, exist today also Jurani, Juran... Hunt-Poznan divided to two families Forgach from Pezinok and Svaty Jur line Juran. Profesional literature and also lessons of history as source. Ancestors of Hunt-Poznan was house of Mojmirovci or in Gotha almanachs as Premysl/ Josef Bartos *3.3.1875 married 12.56.1872 Katarina Bartos b. Sodoma /her parents Jan Sodoma + Karina Klucikova/
Josef Bartos *8.9.1850-9.5.1813 + Maria Bartosova b. Dubek 5.9.1853 /her parents Jan Dubek + Edita Engler, maybe soldier Engler was found 1704 on one list, other ancestor could be evangelic parson 1683-1687 Jan Juraj Engler and sure ancestor is German evagelic preacher Michal Engler 1674 had to depart from Modra with Pillarik on hit of Habsburg court, he was asked to go to Modra as other parsons, so this was first settlement of Englers in this locality,/
Josef Bartos + Maria Pis /I found that surname Pisch also occurs here, so it can be ancestor or relative/
Teodorus Josephus ev. b. 11.3.1838 /or what is other locality so not Josephus 24.2.1837 Kralova vinice Michael Bartoss or -os + Anna Bojkovsky/
Martinus Bartos conditis civis et figulus

So any help with surname Dubek and origin write to [contact link] let also other people can research genealogy. I had success after I shared.

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