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Updated Jul 23, 2021


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[deleted] on Feb 22, 2006
Engler is same origin as Engel, Engelbert and others mentioned on the internet where are coat of arms, has same coat of arms, exit also other varions of this surname further see internet coat of arms. 1 Engel I found as famous mediacal doctor at Trnava university, he was in group of people who had activities abroad, especially probably Vienna. Jan Jakub Engel/1749-1831/. Jan Kristian Engel/1770-1814/ was painter from Levoca, Slovakia. Who were 1792 lifted up to the noble status. Their father Jakub was pharmacian. Jan Kristian had wife b. Katarina Maukschova, son Josef. He was also historician and officer. 1884 Spolok vytvarnych umelcov in Bratislava, member was painter of decorative clothes/covers Karol Engel I found also other famous important for society medical doctors of surname Engel, together 3 in Slovakia in history and 1 pharmacian. Also 1 Engler Ludovit who moved to USA. Despite of origin already mentioned on internet about origin in Westphalila I found count Engelsalk, border frans count in 9th century at Great Moravia making problems to Svatopluk, who was also my ancestor. Shortcut from history about Engelsalm. Viliam and Engelsalk came from same prince family as king Karolman and king Ludovit Nemec/German. V. and Engelsalk were administrators at Great Moravia. Viliam and Engelsalk were killed by Svatopluk 871. Each of them had 3 little sons. During their youth was appointed other adminstrator on their properties, then they fought for their markcounty. After their growth summer 882 Svatopluk captured second son of Engelsalk and his relative count Vezzil. He cut right hand, tongue and made castration - they had no genitals. Also their people. Their properties were destructed by fire and sword. Mentioned that after these people were made families, surnames Viliam and Engelsalk. Viliams and Engelsalks families, Viliamovci and Engelsalkovci in Slovak or Czech book I used to translate. Sons of Viliam and Engelsalk Meginhoz and Papo tried go against Svatopluk. Svatopluk won and destructed people of army by different ways. Engelsalk, son of Engelsalk took by enforcing not-marriage-daughter of Arnulf and was afraid of him, but later had peace with him and got administration of East Mark /Panonia/ from him. About this writes Fuldske letopisy, Letopisy bertinske and xantenske. Engelsalk was in other book with s and in other with s with sign which reads in Czech and Slovak sh. I also found it written in book as Engelschalk. I found that Andel of Ronovo is probably surname Ronovsky or other family who got predikat of Ronovo, I heard only surname in media or read it. My genealogy to Engler: Bartoses came 3 brothers after the battle on the White Mountain 1620 to Modra, Slovakia genealogy E. Bartosova - Ruperta /art pseudonym/ M. Bartos + Z. Bartosova b. Gruberova M. Bartos + Z. Halamkova Josef Bartos *26.12.1899, married 23.1.1924 Zuzana Steinhubelova 2.10.1899-6.9.1932 /her parents Pavel Steinhubel vineyardowner /his anestor could be Albrecht Steinhubel circa 1589-1600 died in Modra + Katarina b. Juranova - Juran comes from counts with predikat of Jur and of Pezinok or also of Svaty Jur who were in locality Jur and Pezinok in 13-16 century, had 10 castles and many properties and functions, also in Austria, Morava, Stajersko, Korutansko, oldest member is Hunt-Poznanovcov-Nitra zupan Tomas /, were taverniks, judges, mail royal garson /in French I forgot word, wine to cup to king/, till Sedmohrad princes, diplomats, captains/ Josef Bartos *3.3.1875 married 12.56.1872 Katarina Bartos b. Sodoma /her parents Jan Sodoma + Karina Klucikova/ Josef Bartos *8.9.1850-9.5.1813 + Maria Bartosova b. Dubek 5.9.1853 /her parents Jan Dubek + Edita Engler, soldier Engler was found 1704 on one list, other ancestor could be evangelic parson 1683-1687 Jan Juraj Engler and German evagelic preacher Michal Engler 1674 had to depart from Modra/ supposed genealogy: Josef Bartos + Maria Pis or Teodorus Josephus ev. b. 11.3.1838 /or what is other locality so not Josephus 24.2.1837 Kralova vinice Michael Bartoss or -os + Anna Bojkovsky/ Martinus Bartos conditis civis et figulus Further genealogy for Engler and my mistake or other mistakes see box with Correction and excellent site
[deleted] on Feb 25, 2006
When you see coat of arms on internet and surnames varions they begin on A also and I found tribes from Great Germania about which write in end of 1st century BC Plinius Starsi/oldest that one part of tribe of Svebs was Angelin/i /Angelin/i/s-I translated from other language/ and was one of greatest tribes and parts, from Longobards to middle Labe settled and multiplied with other German tribes. There existed many German tribes. Existed also Andel of Amalovci, father of Andages, about it is written by Jordanes from 5th century AC. More about this family see Jordanes. Andel means in Czech Engel and Angel, exist surname Andel in Slovakia. In Slovak it is work Anjel. house of Merovejovci before Karol Great: Pipin Short Pipin Heristansky and if I good remember Dagobert, but check in Gotha almanachs/Gothaisches genealogishes Taschenbucher fur die Adels on internet they still should be more lines to Dagobert. I also found Andel/e of Ronovo, Czech noble family, Holy Angelar in times of Great Moravia and Angilbert. Ancestors of Merovejovci is possible to find in some good History of France, it contains more than 20 kings. Engelschalk - see other origin of Engel on ancient faces from Ruperta.
[deleted] on Jun 15, 2006
To see mistakes and other informations, and double genealogy posted see see double genealogies and some mistakes
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