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Updated Aug 24, 2022


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Charles Bryant commented on Sep 29, 2010
Roy Lewis Bryant founded Bryant's Market in Charleston*, WV also served as in WWI as a caisson driver. He was married to a Ruth Myrtle Estep(maiden name)of Boone County, and the two of them had three children: Charles Estel Bryant, Keith Oren Bryant and Sarah Isabel Bryant all of Kanawha County. Am trying to find whatever I can on either of their families, (parents, siblings, etc.). The only things I have thus far are rather few and far between no Roy Lewis Bryant(my great grandfather) with a few other details as to Ruth Myrtle(my great grandmother). Any help will be appreciated.

*this market was last located at the top of Oakwood Road in Charleston, WV where it had relocated from it's original location years earlier in Kanawha City. My grandparents were Charlie and Hellious(Tootsie) Bryant who also co-owned Bridlewood Stables with my great uncle, Keith Oren Bryant where riding for hunters/jumpers for show was done as well as general boarding of horses.

Our families beginnings in Kanawha County can be found in Davis Creek.
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